Poetry Prompt #4 - From Love to Beloved - Grit & Grace

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This poetry challenge hasn’t really required me to write titles so far. I guess technically I’ve kind of been using the poetry prompt number as part of my titles, but there’s something about a poem with a title that makes it seem just a little more official. For this prompt, we get to write a poem with the title “This Is Love.” Any length, style, and content. Just keep the title the same and go from there! From Love to Beloved – Poetry Prompt #4.

This is Love

(based on John 4)

A few things love is:

love is a four-letter word,

also God is love.

And living water,

like gushing fountains of it;

the endless life kind.

God making a choice:

to experience man’s thirst.

Asking for a drink.

The humanity

of God-with-us Messiah.

To feel what I feel.

Yes, love in the flesh.

So much more than just a word.

Eternally changed.

This really is love.

Remember to use the hashtag #FromLoveToBeloved when you share your work.

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As usual, here’s a quote I’ve included for inspiration:

Poetry is one of the ancient arts, and it begins as did all the fine arts, within the original wilderness of the earth.

—Mary Oliver

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