Prayer for the Gentile Allies

We Jews always pray for world peace and for fortune to the good people

We know the Jews are the apple of G^d’s Eye. If you don’t like that, take it up with Him because we didn’t come up with it. It doesn’t mean that G^d is partial or unfair to others. Rather, He gave us, on average, more good character traits, talents, and teachings, and so, He demands more of us. When Gentiles do their fair share, and we do as much, we get less reward. Nothing to do with being important. Similarly, a professor is not more important than a bricklayer or a trombonist vs a cellist. Each needs to play their own part. If you could and want to live like a Jew, you may apply.

One of the ways of our People being special is that we don’t live only for ourselves. We are a connection between the Nations and G^d. (So, you often find Jews who (mistakenly) even stand with our archenemies.)

Recently, we had to return to war. If there is one thing that most of us hate is killing, even people who set out to kill us. But, clearly, this is what needs to be done, so, we’re at it. Collateral damage is how many innocent bystanders get hurt when you go after the militants. International law, especially after WW II, has flexible legal limits to determine if the number of civilian casualties is within the norm. Recent wars in the world that saw no war crimes complaints had numbers as high as 10 civilians per militant, and as low as 4 per militant. The IDF sits far below 2 per militant, though Chamas may have killed some of them or used them all as human shields.

War is always terrible, so the international and Antisemitic press show the war pictures to ‘prove’ daily we are war criminals, which is the greatest lie, and even, commit genocide—exactly what is Chamas’ plan with us. But that was always a main goal of Antisemitism, to blame us for what Gentiles did to us: child killers—the Nazis murdered 1.5 million Jewish children; international conspiracists—if one thing is international, it’s Antisemitism.

We could never have succeeded in successfully beginning to fight back without our Allies standing by us. First of all, the USA, overwhelmingly. Without them, Chezbollah might have joined big-time in the war. (Now, they are waiting for Iran to join.) But there are dozens of nations and/or leaders who support us emotionally, practically, and strategically—and not even for our sake but to be sure of joining the fight against abject evil.

However, our friends are also often misled by the international press and Haaretz. This leads them to second-guess and criticize our leaders and try and decide for us, as if we lack a vibrant opposition, loud and capable, as if we would be too primitive or immoral to do well without their opinions.

G^d doesn’t like it when Jews get treated without the proper respect. And then, most of those paying the price are innocent. Fortunately, we know better than any Monotheistic religion that our G^d is unworldly Merciful.

(Those who ask: ‘Where was G^d on October 7?’ I answer: ‘Unassumingly, He was saving the lives of 90%+ of the people being attacked.’)


Therefore, Master of the world, our Father, our King, we forgive any slight well-meaning allies have given us. We request You overlook their faults, imprecisions, and chutzpa against us because, after all, they did (and do) stand with us in our hour of need. Don’t let the necessary attack on Iran, to keep it from getting nuclear weapons, spiral out of control into WW III.

May our Allies sufficiently deal with Iran and its proxies without Russia invading the EU, China the State of Taiwan, or North Korea joining. Also, be kind to the Iranian People suffering the longest under its barbaric regime and that always has been warm and solid friends of the Jews. The same I say of the Peoples of Turkey and Lebanon and the President of Egypt.

May the world and the UN, including the ICJ, move from mostly dictators to democrats (also at the next US elections) without a (civil or) world war.

Some of us worry, yet all goes according to Your plans. Only, as Abraham already showed, You want humans to appeal to You to go as mild as possible. You expect the best of us to team up with You. And therefore, naturally, we plead for doing it as You prefer, as easily as possible.

May we live in challenging but uplifting times.

We thank you for Your Wisdom, Care, and Leadership.

You make shalom high in Heaven,
And so, He alone will make shalom for us and for all of Israel,
And let us say amen.

Jewish Prayer doesn’t just state the obvious (Down with Evil, Bless the Good!) but often comes to educate and even confront us!

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