Read the Psalms in Their Original Language

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    How would you like to read the Psalms in the original Hebrew? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to hear the Psalms the way Jesus heard them? Here’s a way you can – even if you don’t know Hebrew!

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    Israel365 publishes the Israel Bible Book of Psalms. They’re an organization that partners with Christians to connect those who know God’s heart for Israel with a practical way to support this precious Nation. As we watch prophecy unfold in the Jewish peoples’ return to Israel, we unfortunately also see them experience hardship in their return to the Land.

    Violence and persecution mark what should be a joyous reunion, but Israel365 is helping to make the return to Israel easier for the Jewish people. Holocaust survivors and their families, children, widows, and others are the recipients of aid provided by Israel365. Israel365 also provides a dependable source for Israeli news and other ways for Christians to support Israel.

    The Book of Psalms 

    I love the Hebrew language and feel strongly that Christians should strive to study itbut it can be difficult and time-consuming to learn a new language. We are so blessed to live in a time when we have access to technology that makes it easier to understand the Bible’s original languages, such as Blue Letter Bible and Bible Hub.

    The Book of Psalms is another resource that allows you to read the Bible in its original language – without knowing Hebrew! It’s a unique book that contains the Hebrew, English translation, and English pronunciation of the Hebrew for the entire Book of Psalms. The pronunciation (transliteration) will have you reading the Psalms in Hebrew immediately, even if you don’t know any Hebrew at all! 

    Like others published by Israel365, this book is of high quality, with clear fonts and Hebrew vowel pointing, so it’s also valuable to those new to Hebrew. The chapter divisions are clear, with chapter numbers in both English and Hebrew. There’s also a chart of the Hebrew alphabet at the front of the book so the reader can learn as they read through the Psalms. 

    This book makes a remarkable gift to anyone who loves the Bible, a Hebrew student, or even a fluent Hebrew speaker! It would be an excellent devotional, an aid to verse memorization, or a way to practice reading in Hebrew. 

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    I have many books on the Bible and many that contain Hebrew, but this is on my list of favorites! What a beautiful way to study the poetry of the Psalms!