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Mr. Pickles, my furry buddy, 2012/2013

Years ago, I was insecure about my love of cats.

Back then, I felt like it was unmanly to love cats. This obviously has changed.

As one helpful counselor told me to say to myself, “I’m a man, and I like cats. So, men like cats.”

Part of healing after a divorce is learning to love ourselves and find peace in our own presence. Now, I know I have made progress in this particular area based on an encounter I had yesterday.

In a public setting, I was called out for my love of cats by another man. Years ago, that would have devastated me as shaming. Today, I don’t mind being associated with being a cat lover.

No longer do I allow my manhood to be defined by others and their dislikes.

Cats are awesome pets.* Mr. Pickles, my cat, was a very important part of my process of surviving my first wife’s infidelity and abandonment. I have no problem publicly acknowledging my love for felines. They are a real gift to us, and I am here today, in part, because of one in particular.


*To be clear, I am a sucker for most pets. Obviously, I love my parrots today. Plus, I enjoy dogs as well. Animals are such a gift to us from our Heavenly Father, in my opinion.

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