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I think I’ve often viewed mentoring the wrong way. For years, I’ve been an advocate of having a mentor. I’ve had one since I was in my early 20’s. I’ve written about mentoring previously. I’ve written about mentoring in posts such as:

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In the last post listed, I stated that if you want a mentor, you must be willing to ask someone to mentor you. I still agree with that concept. If you need a mentor, it’s better to ask one than to do without. I wonder, however, if that’s really the Biblical model.

Consider for example:

  • Jesus said, “Follow me” (Mark 1:17)
  • Paul recruited Timothy (Acts 16:3)
  • Barnabas took Mark (Acts 15:37)
  • Paul chose Silas (Acts 15:40)

So my questions are:

  • Should we recruit people to mentor?
  • Who are you investing in today?
  • Who are you mentoring?
  • Who should you be?
  • Will you make the first call?

You may feel you have nothing to offer. That held me back from intentionally recruiting people to mentor for years. I’ve learned, however, that if a person has experience at any level, they have plenty to share with those who haven’t walked where they walk.

In a future post I’ll share how I have implemented this thought process.

Do you have a mentor?

Do you have someone to mentor?

Do you need to recruit someone? 

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