When the sun breaks through the clouds

    By Elizabeth Prata

    I was driving along on a cloudy day. Cloudy days have their charm. They give relief from heat and sunburn rays. They allow lawns to be mowed, gardens to be tended in more comfort than when the sun is shining.

    But too many cloudy days does drain the spirit a bit. The charms of a cloudy day only go so far.

    So I was driving along, and suddenly the clouds parted. Beams of sun shone down all around. The golden haze immediately brightened the landscape and gave a glowing aspect to it. The glow extended into my heart and spirit. Relief from the gloom! The sun pushed the gloom away and everything was all right. Ahhh, sun! Isn’t everything prettier in the sun? Warmer? Better?

    When the sun parts the clouds and cast its golden light over all, it does make a difference. You know that lift, the feeling of happiness and calmness you feel.

    Now. Just imagine the feeling when the SON breaks through the clouds and His glory light shines forth! When we see the warmth, purity, and brightness of glory light, the feelings of relief, comfort, and peace we will feel!

    Here is John Currid at Ligonier with a shortish article clearly explaining what God’s glory is.

    Glory: “Because the word glory defines the very essence of God’s being, it came to be used of the very presence of God among His people…”

    And this devotional from Ligonier:

    The Glory of God: Under the old covenant, the primary way in which our Creator manifested His glory was in a cloud. (Ex. 16:101 Kings 8:10). We do not know exactly what this cloud looked like, but we get the impression that it glowed brightly with some kind of unique light because this same cloud had to direct Israel through the wilderness after they left Egypt (Neh. 9:12). In fact, most of us probably think of bright light whenever we hear the word glory, and this is due to the fact that light is often associated with glory in Scripture (Rev. 21:23).

    Both articles say this truth: the most perfect and glorious manifestation of God’s glory is through Jesus Christ.

    Ponder God’s glory, seek verses that talk of this essential attribute of His. Let your Spirit lift as the sun breaks through the clouds to reveal light onto your soul.

    Christian writer and Georgia teacher's aide who loves Jesus, a quiet life, art, beauty, and children.

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