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Are you born again? Are you saved? Are you in the camp of God?

Let me ask you again. Are you born again? Why am I asking you again? It’s because it’s one of the questions that lots of people don’t want to be asked today!

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What does it mean to be born again?

To be born again is all about you giving your life to Jesus Christ. It’s about you becoming a child of God.

Now, that’s a simple definition or explanation. I know it’s likely you’re asking yourself, why you should be born again or why you should bother yourself with the necessity to become a child of God.

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Adam and Eve sinned at the beginning (in the Garden of Eden) ( Read Genesis Chapter 1-3). This disobedience disrupted God’s plan for them.

God made them and put them on the earth so He wanted to have a deep relationship with them. He wanted intimacy with them. God knew they would never be successful on earth if they don’t have a relationship with Him.

So God gave them an instruction that will ensure this intimate connection with Him. But Adam and Eve sinned or disobeyed God. They lost that golden relationship because God hates sin or disobedience.

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Redemption through Jesus Christ

Redemption came through Jesus Christ. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ (John 3:16) for the salvation work. Jesu died on the cross like and as a sinner though He was sinless to shed His blood to wash away our sins and to restore man’s relationship with the Holy God.

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Don’t toy with the salvation of your soul

You can’t afford to toy with the salvation of your soul. End-time prophecies are being fulfilled today at a rate faster than we can imagine. Give your life to Jesus Christ. Tomorrow may be too LATE. Read about the end time in Matthew 24.

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