God Will Turn This Trial Into a Blessing

(Photo: Unsplash)

Last night Johan and I were looking at the traffic light system to see how/if it effects The Little Haven. I don’t usually keep too updated with the news as it has the ability to depress me. Thinking about all the new changes and the whole covid situation once again made me feel depressed and very fearful of the future.

But when I got into bed and opened up my Bible, this phrase jumped off the page. 

“…Our God turned the curse into a blessing.”

What a neat verse! (It is talking about when Balaam was hired to curse the Israelites, but God only let a blessing come from it. Nehemiah 13:2b)

Whether the whole covid thing is a “curse” or not is debatable! But I’m sure everyone would agree that is a big trial.

We serve a God who has the ability to turn any and every trial into a blessing. What matters is not so much who is right and who is wrong in the whole thing or even how we will be effected by it all. What matters is that we know this God and are staying close to Him. Then whatever happens to us, God will make it into a blessing that we never would have had without the trial.

God WILL make this trial a blessing! Keep your eyes on Him.

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