Indifference to injustice is not a godly option – Divorce Minister

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For the Lord is righteous,     he loves justice….

  • Psalm 11:7a, NIV

I know many  issues in this world are related to the imbalance of justice. Adultery and adultery victims are not the only ones suffering from a world run through with injustice.

Yet they are suffering injustices.

If we have the heart of God, we are to be moved by injustice as God is just and righteous. Now, that might not mean we are constantly thinking about faithful spouses. However, I DO think that takes a lukewarm response to faithful spouse pain off the table for godly people.

Injustice matters to those who love God and therefore love justice.

Now, the some people’s dismissive behavior is sometimes cloaked in “objective” words asking the victim about “their part” in being victimized–e.g. cheated on and discarded via divorce.

This line of inquiry minimizes the wrong committed by the cheater.

It changes the subject. Such a subject change literally is an avoidance of the real damage in front of the person. Plus, this line of inquiry suggests  adultery is comparable to even common marriage struggles (even though, those struggles are not listed as marriage ending sins in the Bible).

In my opinion, such inquests signify a minimizing of the injustice done to the faithful spouse.

Beware of the person who is dismissive of faithful spouse pain. They are not expressing God’s heart on the matter for God cares deeply about justice and righteousness.

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