Welp…Antioch Church First Lady Myesha Chaney Responds to ‘Preachers of LA’ Pastor Wayne Chaney’s Social Media Divorce Announcement… – After the Altar Call

Hello World,

I hate that I was right in this case, but…Just over a week or so ago, I shared Pastor Wayne Chaney’s divorce announcement from First Lady Myesha Chaney that he shared on his social media pages…I wrote that “I wonder why she didn’t include the divorce announcement on her page if it was a mutual decision.” As it turns out, First Lady Myesha Chaney was unaware that he posted their personal business in such a way…On Sunday, she wrote on her social media pages…

“I’m very sorry we didn’t have the opportunity to sit together, face-to-face, to discuss my marriage ending. I’m sorry this shocking news was shared all over social media and was sent out via email. I was mortified when I discovered it was public without my involvement. I’m sorry for how this loss will affect you spiritually and emotionally.⁣⁣”

See the entire post below…

I hate to take sides, but if she is telling the truth about not knowing about her husband’s social media posts, I think he is sooo wrong. At least with DeVon Franklin & Meagan Good, they came together about their social media divorce announcement…I think that is the respectful thing to do…And in the case of the Chaney family, they have children so it’s even more puzzling as to why Pastor Chaney didn’t announce their divorce with his wife’s consent…Disrespectful and frankly, messy…

Anyway, that’s all I have to say…

Any thoughts?



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