Bible commentary on Mark Chapter 10

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Bible Study: Bible commentary on Mark Chapter 10

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  1. Mark 10 is a chapter of several themes and lessons.
  2. The first lesson we can learn from this book is that Jesus while on earth was primarily a teacher of the Word, then a deliverer.
  3. We can see from verse one, that anytime the multitude come to him, he taught them the word of God before doing any miracle.
  4. The word must be released before signs and wonders.
  5. If you attend any church where the word of God was not preached but only miracles, they are not Christians though they call themselves Christians.
  6. Anywhere the word of God is not preached, members will be spiritually empty.

Holy Spirit shall locate you in a Bible-believing Church in Jesus’ name.

  1. Jesus also addressed the issue of divorce in verse 9, stating the popular scripture that no one should separate people that God has joined together.
  2. However, Jesus listed adultery as the only reason divorce could be permissible.
  3. Experimentation is not allowed in the marriage. Marriage is not a relationship laboratory.
  4. If the Bible permits divorce, several people will pick and walk out of their marriages under flimsy excuses.
  5. This is not fair, especially to the woman who has lost her sexual privacy to the man.
  6. If divorce is not encouraged in marriage, it is important that you look very well before you leap into the life of any man or woman.
  7. We can also see from Jesus’ response that marriage is the joining together of the opposite sex.
  8. Jesus said a man will leave his father and his mother and be joined to his wife. This means a man joined to a man, and a woman joined to a woman to become marital partners is ungodly.
  9. Jesus also says in verse 15 that unless we have the heart of a child and relate to others and God with the heart of a child, we may not enter the kingdom of heaven.
  • Children are quick to forget, trusting, do not harbour grudges, friendly, do not hold malice, and innocent.
  • Children also have strong faith and hold on to promises.
  • Children are loving and great givers.
  1. It is said that children do not have sins.
  2. If there is a prayer you should say daily, it is that God should give you the heart of a child.
  3. In verse 21 Jesus gave additional attributes believers must have to enter the kingdom of heaven.
  4. The background to this was the rich man that came to Jesus and said that he has kept all the laws and commandments. However, unknown to him there is an unwritten or silent commandment that he had not kept.
  5. He was not a giver. He was not compassionate. He was not a kind man.
  6. The man was rich, but he stored his riches instead of using them to alleviate the sufferings of the poor.
  7. Jesus told the man that though he was not a fornicator, thief, adulterer, or idolator, he was not a giver.
  8. The lesson here is that a person may not make the kingdom of God if he stores up wealth and riches instead of using them to help the poor.
  9. You can be a Christian or you can call yourself a believer if you don’t use your riches to help those in need.
  10. The lesson here is that if God blesses you financially, take care of your needs, and a few luxuries, and use the excess to help the poor.
  11. It is not out of place to desire great possessions, but you must be willing to use the possessions for the poor otherwise it becomes a sin.
  12. We also see in verses 29 and 30 that there is a reward for following and serving Christ.
  13. You cannot follow and serve Jesus and remain in poverty.
  14. This also shows that Ministers of God should not celebrate poverty but know that it is their covenant right to get financial reward for doing the work of God.
  15. This, however, does not mean the congregation should be manipulated to give to the clergy.
  16. If you serve God, God himself will serve you with financial prosperity in Jesus’ name.
  17. Jesus also counselled his followers to have a heart of service. The master should be a servant said Jesus in verse 44.
  18. Christians in high positions are not expected to be arrogant, boastful, and oppressive, but humble and broken.
  19. In my office, anytime I alight from the car on resumption at work in the morning, the security man collects my bag and takes it to my office. But today, I turned down the gestured and carried my bag inside the office, myself.
  20. You need to be spiritually broken to receive the mercy of God. James 4 vs 10 counsels us to stay humble in the sight of God, and he will lift us up. God cherishes a humble heart.
  21. In Mark 10 vs 46 and 47, we see that when Blind Bartimaeus saw Jesus he cried unto him and receive his healing. The man’s eyes were blind, but his mouth was not blind.
  22. The man was blind but did not lose hope of healing. The man was blind, but he did not commit suicide. The man was blind but remained a prayer warrior. The man was blind, but his faith was not blind. The man was blind, but his ears were spiritually attentive. The man was blind, but he still served God. The man was blind but knew opportunity comes but once. The man was blind but had a specific and direct prayer point. The man was blind, but he knew he was not destined to remain blind, that was why he was quick to cast away his garment of blindness.
  23. The Bible tells us in verses 51 and 52 that the man came to Jesus that he might receive his sight.
  24. The blind man knew his saviour from his inner eyes, but many people that can see physically are spiritually blind.
  25. If you can also run to your saviour as the blind man, you will see both physically and spiritually. Receive your sight from spiritual contamination and blindness in Jesus’ name.
  26. Run to Jesus, he will save you from the blindness that leads to drunkenness, gambling, night clubbing, worldly pursuits, and false religion.
  27. Run to Jesus so that you can see now

Babatope Babalobi ministries (aka Save the World christian ministry). Used with permission.

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