5 Things to Do on a Bad Body Image Day

Wondering what to do and what not to do on a bad body image day? Here are five tips to help you navigate those days when you wake up and feel “bleh” about your body.

If somedays you feel more consumed with your body and the desire to change it feels overwhelming, know you are not alone. We all have bad body image days. Even if you’ve made great strides towards freedom from obsessing over your body, there are days when the hormones will rage or the bloat will roar and you’ll be ready to do something drastic. But, never fear. There are things to do and not to do when these feelings hit you.

Today, we talk about 5 of them. From why you shouldn’t go get bangs cut (or any drastic hair style change) to why spending the day googling a new diet won’t work, we cover a gamut of suggestions for what to do on a bad body image day.

What to Do on a Bad Body Image Day

Today’s top five tips are as follows: Don’t get on the scale, don’t try on your smallest jeans, don’t get a new hair cut, don’t spend all day googling a new plan, and don’t make a list of new vows to yourself (I’ll never eat after 7pm again!). Instead– learn to identify those bad body image days. Learn to dig in to what’s underneath the feelings. And, learn to be patient with your always changing body.

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what to do on a bad body image day

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