Faith for Living in a Troubled World

Patiently listening, my heart ached as I heard the familiar refrain. A family member expressing the overwhelming feeling of being “lost”. Not only facing a loved one’s steady decline, but reeling from world events and feelings of despair. I felt the depth of her pain as she wondered aloud if she had faith for living in a troubled world.

As hospice and palliative medicine clinical support personnel, I receive many calls from the community looking for help or support for a loved one declining from a long term illness.

Though my caller struggled with overwhelm as to how best to help their loved one, they desperately needed something common to us all: Hope.

Our troubled world forces us to process the hard emotions resulting from the tragedies of multiple mass shootings in our schools, grocery stores, and hospitals; COVID cases rising again, the ongoing war in Ukraine, baby formula shortage crisis, and the rising inflation in our country.

Truly, our faith for living in a troubled world faces testing almost every day. We may even wonder with my caller if our faith can overcome the fear of the turmoil yet ahead.

stone with the word "faith" written on it in a pile of sand

a faith for living in troubled times

Choosing abstinence from media outlets and nightly news fails in protecting us from conversation all around on the troublous times in which we live. Each day intensifies feelings of confusion as we wade through our days tinged with stressful encounters, strained relationships, job and financial stresses; all pointing to a world spinning out of control.

“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.”

Hebrews 10:23

Perhaps more than ever Christians and non-Christians alike are seeking Hope in the midst of uncertainty.

In a world where Christians “deconstruct” their faith, or forsake their faith altogether, people hunger for authentic faith. But what does a faith for living in a troubled world look like?

Join me at Living By Design for my guest post, “Authentic Faith For Troubled Times”, where I share not only what authentic faith looks like, but how to live out authentic faith in a world groaning for Hope in the midst of despair.


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