Who Do Christians Say God Is?

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How would you answer?  

There are some websites that I have frequented to answer spiritual questions and take on the doubts of unbelievers.  One site in particular prefers text only with thoughtful, longer answers.  The question posed was, “Christians believe in God, but what do they believe God is?” 

After you read my answer, think about what kind of answer you might type out.  The more you think about your replies to spiritual questions, the more you connect with where you are in your faith walk and what your deep convictions are. 

Jesus asked his disciples, “But what about you, who do you say that I am?” Matthew 16:15 and also in Mark 16 and Luke 9.  It’s an account in 3 of the 4 Gospels.  

Who have you talked to about your deep spiritual convictions lately?  

Are you willing to ask people if they are thinking about these faith issues or what happens after death?

Are you willing to risk taking a step of faith?  Are you willing to listen and pray about their responses or objections?  

People need to hear who has hope and why they have hope.  Ask God for opportunities to share your faith and for opportunities to pray for someone!  

Here is my reply which was appropriate for the forum, and below is a reply from an unbeliever…  

We believe that God is good. This in terms of providing all that we need for an abundant life in this life; and especially eternally after death.

We believe that souls are eternal. But that they need to be made new, new in the supernatural life that Jesus offers. Through that life we are children of God sanctified and protected under all of God’s good promises.

We believe that God’s goodness is perfectly known through His main provision for us. His main provision to all people is His Son. If you are willing to read the Gospels (Good News) in the Bible, you will see a very clear picture of who God is. His goodness is displayed in his supernatural acts, his offer to forgive and cleanse, his promise to heal us with His words, and his gift of the Holy Spirit for power to live in His strength and not our own.

We believe He is the best friend anyone could hope for. He will not leave or forsake. His love is not conditional. He loves us despite our weaknesses and failures.

We stay connected to Him through the divine gift of His Spirit. We have a place to take our worries, anxieties, fears, disappointments, failures, sin, guilt, pride, and hope and dreams. He takes our burdens, listens; and He acts in response.

We believe that we must continue on a journey to know Him, spending daily time with Him and His Words. We do this through prayer, meditation, and worship, obeying, giving and serving.

We believe there is blessing in obeying Him from a place of surrender and in response to His love. This is in direct contrast of obeying out of fear. It all goes back to my beginning sentence. We believe God is good; and without His goodness intervening in us, we are lost.

Who wants to live life on their own? Who wants to live on their own power? Who wants to have to figure it all out? I do not.

I want and desperately need His promise to give me wisdom, give me strength, cleanse me of negative feelings and thoughts, transform my chaos into order, redeem my mistakes, shed His light abroad in my heart, heal me, and provide richly for all of my needs. I need to know there is life after this one which passes in a breath.

I want to know I can see God and be with Him forever, no more sorrow, no more tears.

Christians believe God is One; but is made up of 3 persons- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is this beautiful combination of 3 separate persons, yet One God that surrounds, fills, secures, and satisfies so that we can live as divinely designed.

What other religion says their God died for them?

What other religion sings songs to their God?

What other religion states that their God established His throne in love?

What other religion promises to make people new? To forgive? To heal? To give eternal life through belief, not demanding a list of good works to justify themselves?

There is no easier way to God than through Jesus. He is only Way. And there is not a higher cost that has been paid for the free gift He offers. Look closely at Jesus and you will discover a God who has suffered, died, and risen so that you can live. This is the God that Christians believe in. Blessings!

And for the unbeliever’s answer- 

Congratulations; you’ve discovered a main problem with religion. These days, Christians are likely to define God as little as possible, because the more defined He is, the easier He is to falsify.Do you agree with the unbeliever’s response?  How detailed can you get in describing who God is to you?    

Try typing out an answer as a way to spend time with Him.  Write him a love letter telling Him who He is to you.  Pray about asking someone where there are in faith exploration.  Just even asking the question will spur them to think about it long after the conversation has passed, because the Holy Spirit will be at work through your faith and boldness to prompt conversation about Jesus.  Trust God to be the reply of your tongue.  Do all things in love.  

The content is original to the author, Gina Williamson. Used with permission.

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