The Essence of Kindness Evangelism

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Greg Laurie Reminds Us

I like this illustration. The lighthouse represents the light of Christ and the hot air balloons are believers traveling out to share the good news.

Three hot air balloons floating away from a lighthouse.

Jesus did not say that the whole world should go to church. Essentially He said that the church should go to the whole world. (Greg Laurie)


We have a powerful tool in our culture today. It’s called kindness. As people become more upset, harsh and condemning, kindness startles people. It’s a tool we can use to draw unbelievers toward the Lord of compassion. Kindness opens the door just a little, so Jesus can work through us to soften hard hearts.

My Spiritual Point

I’m beginning to pray a simple, breath prayer. Like many of us, I have struggled to do evangelism. Yet I have a wealth of spiritual insight and truth to offer to those who don’t know Christ. 

So here’s my new prayer.

Let me be a drink of living water to unbelievers.

This is a cry from my soul and I’m looking forward to what the Holy Spirit will do as I keep repeating my request. But it’s a more complicated prayer than you think.

  1. Jesus will have to control my mouth because I share my opinions way too freely.
  2. I’ll need to be a good listener—not one of my strong points.
  3. In addition, the Holy Spirit will need to attune my spiritual ear to His voice, because it’s necessary to share what God wants me to share, and no more.
  4. If He doesn’t give me anything to share, I’ll need to trust that the Holy Spirit is  still in control of the whole process.
  5. Listening can be a powerful act of kindness too.

Accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord is a process. It can take a long time. Personally, I want the Trinity to use me to move unbelievers one step closer to becoming Christ followers. Ministering to Christians comes naturally. But now I want the Holy Spirit to use me in a new way.

This new prayer in my heart?  It was the Lord’s idea 1st. So I know 100% that this new prayer I’m praying will be answered.

I think I’m going to be amazed.

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