A gift from the Holy land—Artza box

The team from Artza, who delivers a piece of the Holy land, has crafted another fantastic box just in time for the holidays. And they’ve given me the privilege to share it with you again, my reader! This newest assortment comes from the southern region of Isreal, the Negev. As I learned while opening this box, Negev means “dry away” in Hebrew, which makes you think of a less-than-hospitable terrain.  However, the people here have created an agricultural environment flourishing right in the desert.

The Negev

This area is rich, not only in substance but in history as well. One of the things I enjoy most about Artza is how they include a history of the area they feature. In this box, they include the historical significance of the Negev in the Bible. This land was instrumental in Abraham’s story and the time of the Israelites returning to their promised land. 

This land was important then, and its value is displayed today in the people and the beautiful things they create.

Giving the gift of Isreal 

 Artza sends hand-crafted gifts from the Holy Land to your doorstep. They do a quarterly box of artisanal goods from different areas around the holy land. Please do yourself a favor and go over and peruse their site to see all of the options they have.

Not only do you receive items directly from the chosen region, but you learn about the artisans as well. Each included item comes with a card about the artisan and their product. Opening an Artza box connects us not only to the beauty of their homeland but also to the people that live in the region.

For those of us far from Isreal, experiencing an Artza box gives us a glimpse into the people and places that are dear to God’s heart.

Even though this is a year-round subscription, I think this is one of the loveliest Christmas gift ideas I’ve seen in a while. Within the four walls of this little box, you will receive a taste of the land that is beloved by so many, especially this time of year.

Bless someone today—maybe yourself—with a gift from Artza and a special 25% off with this code! (MYHEART25)

And send me a quick email letting me know if you bought one! I will love to hear if you’re getting it for yourself or as a gift.

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