A Heart’s Cry for Hope & Gratitude — Broken & Hopeful

Hannah Morrell

(Photo: Unsplash)

Though the economy seems desperate and the bank account is empty,
Though friends may forsake and leave for someone they decide is better,
Though the job situation looks bleak and the prospects look even bleaker,
Though health may not be improving, and even might be getting worse,
Though dreams of where you would be at this point in life are not at all reality,
Though a spouse might leave for another and reject and betray,
Though singleness continues after years of hoping for a good and kind relationship,
Though infertility steals any chance of parenting, and your heart aches,
Though kids have gone down roads never wished for by a parent,
Though traumas of the past continue to rear their ugly heads,
Though looking around the world exhibits only see damage and evil,
Though hope in the circumstances seems lost and forlorn,

Yet I will rejoice in my Father who holds me safe.
Yet I will stand on the truth He has given me and not cave to the lies of the enemy.
Yet I will fall at His feet laying all my burdens down so that He can give me rest.
Yet I will look to Jesus to be everything I need for this crazy life.
Yet I will define my circumstances by God’s character and not the other way around.
Yet I will seek to be thankful for the many gifts He has given today, no matter how small.
Yet I will see the good, and not just dwell and obsess on the bad.
Yet I will find hope in the One who is the Hope-bearer.
Yet I will take heart and find strength in God to fill all my weakness.
Yet I will live with audacious hope, running and dancing and praising.
Yet I will see past the obvious things to find the spiritual realities that define everything differently.
Yet I will sing praise to God, even if my voice quavers and breaks through tears.
Yet I will acknowledge that emotion is part of God’s gift to us, but it doesn’t always tell us the truth.
Yet I will walk forward, hand-in-hand with Him, allowing Him to guide and love me all the way.
Yet I will trust Him to be there even in the valley of the shadow of death, the deep waters, the fires.
Yet I will thank God today for His love, His presence with me, and His sometimes severe mercy.
Yet I will choose to respond to Him rather than the situation I find myself in.
Yet I will see that He holds me close, He draws me near, and I am never without His Life in me.
Yet I will hold to the reality that I am in Christ, Christ is in me, and so I am already a conqueror.

Though the cherry trees don’t blossom and the strawberries don’t ripen, though the apples are worm-eaten and the wheat fields stunted, though the sheep pens are sheepless and the cattle barns empty, I’m singing joyful praise to God. I’m turning cartwheels of joy to my Savior God. Counting on God’s Rule to prevail, I take heart and gain strength. I run like a deer. I feel like I’m king of the mountain! Habakkuk 3:17-19 (MSG)

Re-published with the permission of Hannah Morrell at Borken & Hopeful, a ministry created for those who feel broken to fin hope in Jesus.

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