How to Memorize Bible Verses with Your Kids

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A huge thanks to my friend Kristi for this fabulous post, sharing how to memorize Bible verses with your kids!

Hi! I’m Kristi! No, not Christie, Kristi! Thank you Christie for inviting me to share a few of my scripture memory tips with your readers! I’m so happy to be here, and I’m so excited that you, reader, are here looking for ways to boost scripture memory in your life or your family’s life.

Who am I? I’m a wife and mum of two beautiful girls. Normally patient, organized, and productive, I found myself becoming an overwhelmed, frustrated unproductive Mum because of cognitive overload.

I had so many ideas. I wanted to do this bible study with my girls, do these activities, teach them to pray, memorize scripture, and learn all the action songs I learned when I was a kid…I was trying to do it all at once. I’m sure you can imagine how that went…

I realized I needed simplicity. I tended to overcomplicate everything with my 1000+ ideas. I wonder how to memorize Bible verses with my kids in a way that fit my lifestyle. So I decided to start with one verse.

How to memorize Bible verses with your kids…

Start with one verse

Just one. For 2-4 weeks.

From one scripture came memorization, song, joy, prayer, discipleship conversations and so much Bible-based learning for both my daughter and me.

Do you find life overwhelming at times? You definitely need a tiny habit like this. When I consistently followed through with the simple scripture memorization plan I share at Start With One Verse, family discipleship flowed. It felt as natural as breathing.

The biweekly scripture created mini launching pads through our days and weeks for deep family discipleship discussions. And my daughter was only 2 when we started. I’m so excited to see where our discussions go as she grows and matures!

I have a Quick Start Guide to help you build a scripture memory habit like mine AND a list of 50+ fun and engaging scripture memory tips for you…just click here!

How do I memorize Bible verses? 

  1. Start small by creating a tiny habit
  2. Read it out of your physical bible
  3. Have a visual reminder
  4. Explain & define big words and concepts
  5. Apply the scripture throughout your week
Bible verses to memorize as a family

Memorize Bible verses with kids using Bible memorization games!

  • Say it right side up and upside down…
  • Scripture memory hopscotch
  • Create actions (make your own or use the ones shared on Instagram @startwithoneverse)
  • Make a snap-clap rhythm/pattern
  • Say it with a fun social media filter

Follow me over on Pinterest where I share and pin bible verse activities specific to the current biweekly memory verse. Download a list of more fun & engaging ideas here!

Other fun ways to memorize Bible verses

  • Write it out with blanks
  • Draw it out
  • Write it over and over
  • Write the first letter of each word as a prompt
  • Write it out one word at a time e.g. This. This is. This is the. This is the day. This is the day the. This the day the Lord. This is the day the Lord has. This is the day the Lord has made. You can do this verbally, or write it down.

Download a list of more write-it-down ideas here!

Family Fun Bible Memory Ideas

  • Have a competition
  • Family talent show
  • Video call a family member to perform it
  • Review week charades night
  • Scavenger hunt

Download a list of more family fun ideas here!

Memorize Bible verses as a family: ideas for parents, older children and teens

Child + parents reading the Bible | fun ways to memorize bible verses

Keep it simple and choose one Bible memory idea at a time.

Keep it simple. There are 25 ideas, but you can’t use them all tomorrow! So save them in a special place, you could bookmark this blog post and/or download my 50+ scripture memory ideas and have it on your phone or laptop for quick and easy reference.

Just choose one idea to try with your kids this week. 

  1. Choose a moment in your family rhythm. Not a time, a moment in the rhythm e.g. during breakfast
  2. Choose a scripture – follow me on Instagram and use the scripture we’re memorizing for a great place to start
  3. Practice it daily – it only takes a minute to recite! This is where your one idea comes in…
  4. Apply scripture – this is the most important part!

How can I teach my children to apply the Bible to their life?

Always apply scripture to your lives. Memorizing scripture is great, but if we just rote learn scripture, it’s in our heads, not our hearts. 

What does this look like? Finding moments during everyday life. 

First, ensure you and they understand the scripture and that any new words are defined. Then choose one of these ‘ways to apply scripture’ to keep top of mind through the day today. Look for moments throughout the day. Then tomorrow, choose a different ‘way to apply scripture’ to keep top of mind. 

Ways to apply scripture

These 4 ways use examples relating to Proverbs 15:1 “Gentle words turn away wrath, but harsh words stir up anger.”

  1. Affirm your child: “I saw you using gentle words just like our memory verse talks about!”
  2. Make an observation: “I heard some angry words from your sister after you used angry words with her. Did you notice that?”
  3. Make a suggestion: “What do you think would happen if you used gentle words instead?”
  4. Ask them: “What’s one thing we could do today to apply this scripture?”

I hope this blog post is immensely helpful to you and that you are able to build a fun and engaging scripture memory habit with your family. I’d love to hear from you if you use any of these ideas! I’m hanging out on Instagram and in my emails and absolutely love hearing about what other parents are doing for family discipleship. Come and chat! I’d love to get to know you. 

Happy memorizing,


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Written by Christie Thomas of Little Shoots Deep Roots.

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