10 Fun and Educational Bible Games for Christian Families

Bible games
Family bonding should be fun and educational. For Christian families, games should have the added benefit of teaching religious lessons, hence the need for some Bible games. Image: Brett Jordan|Unsplash

The Bible doesn’t just contain the Gospels containing God’s word, but also some inspirations for family games. Playing Bible games could be fun, educational, and spiritually enriching for Christian families.

Some games require just the Bible, while others need creativity and quick Bible research to make everything fun for the entire family. Here are 10 fun and educational Bible for Christian families:

1. Bible charade

Mechanics: Form two teams with an equal number of members. One team member picks a piece of paper from a box or bowl with a Biblical phrase. The team member acts out the phrase giving clues to the other members. Each turn should be timed. The team with the most number of correct guesses wins. 

Recommended for kids because: Enhances educated guessing and tests Biblical knowledge.

Some tips: Give both the winning and losing teams a prize, preferably a religious item, a trip to a religious destination, or a film showing of a religious movie.

2. “Who Am I?”

Mechanics: This can be played by two teams or the entire family, with the mother or father mentioning clues describing a Biblical character until someone answers correctly.

Recommended for kids because: It’s pretty easy to play and tests/enhances the kids’ knowledge of the Bibles characters.

Some tips: Balance the number of Biblical characters to be guessed between well-known and obscure ones so that the kids would improve their understanding of Biblical personalities.

3. “Now You See It, Now You Don’t”

Mechanics: Prepare several Bible verses and write each on a white or chalkboard. Ask the kids to recite the verse. Then, erase one word and assign a kid to recite the verse with the missing word. Repeat the process, erasing one word each time until there’s no word left on the board.

Recommended for kids because: Enhances their memory of key Bible verses.

Some tips: Once the game ends, discuss the meaning or practical relevance of all the Bible verses you used with the kids. This will make them appreciate the lesson that the Bible verses provide.

4. Bible Verse ‘Easter Egg Hunt’

Mechanics: Choose one or two memory verses and then write their words separately on small pieces of paper. Hide the words in or outside the house and ask the kids to find all of them. Once all the pieces are found, ask them to arrange the words according to the correct order in the Bible. 

Recommended for kids because: It’s a fun way to enhance their Biblical verse knowledge and give them a quick thrill while looking for the 

Some tips:

5. Find that Bible Verse

Mechanics: This is a variation of the Bible Verse “Easter Egg Hunt.” Here, you need to give each kid a copy of the Bible. Read pre-determined verses and ask the kids to find the verse in their Bible. The first one to find and recite the exact verse gets the point.

Recommended for kids because: Great way to test their knowledge of Bible verses and how quickly they can navigate the Bible.

Some tips: Set a timer for each Bible verse to add an element of rush. Kids’ adrenaline will surely go pumping as they try to beat the clock.

6. Bible Road Trip Alphabet

Mechanics: Begin the game by saying, “I took a road trip through the Bible and saw Abraham along the way.” Then ask one kid to repeat the same phrase but substitute the name with a Biblical character whose name starts with B. Repeat the process until they have completed the entire alphabet.

Recommended for kids because: It can enhance their mastery of Biblical characters’ names.

Some tips: You may allow the kids to substitute Biblical characters with Biblical locations or phrases.

7. Bible Match

Mechanics: Prepare two sets of index cards: one set has names of Biblical characters, verses (only the verse name and numbers), events, and locations, and the other set has descriptions opposite each name on the first set. For example: Moses = 10 Commandments. Ask the kids to match the names on the first set with their descriptions or relevant clue on the second set. 

Recommended for kids because: Enhances their mastery of the Bible’s characters, locations, verses, and events.

Some tips: This can be a first-to-answer affair or a game between two groups (better if you have your kids’ friends come over to join the fun).

8. Draw that Bible Verse

Mechanics: Have the kids draw their best interpretation of select Bible verses. Then stage a mini-exhibit using their artworks. 

Recommended for kids because: Combines both art and knowledge of the Bible.

Some tips: Invite your family friends, or your kids’ closest pals or classmates to view your home “Bible art gallery.”

9. Bible Snakes and Ladders

Mechanics: Prepare a life-size Snake and Ladders board outside your house or in the living room. You may order a printed board on a tarp or manila paper but substitute them with different sins or temptations. Each time kids land on a “snake,” explain why that specific sin is bad and how it could send them backward.

Recommended for kids because: Fun and religiously edifying since the kids would learn the outcomes of committing un-Christian acts (“snakes”).

Some tips:

10. Bible Verse Relay Race

Mechanics: Divide the kids into two (preferably schedule the game on a weekend so they can invite their schoolmates or friends) and give each team a Bible verse with roughly the same number of words. Have them memorize the verses. Then, ask them to come to the board one by one, with each member writing the words in the Bible verse in exact order. The first team to complete the verse on the board wins the game.

Recommended for kids because: A great adrenaline-inducer and Bible verse memory enhancer.

Some tips: Offer a prize for both teams or make it a part of your weekly bonding with your kids’ closest pals.

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