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Understand more about the Bible with Israel365’s newest book. In celebration of 75 years as a country, this beautiful book contains 75 Hebrew words that reveal concepts in God’s word. 

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The creators of this book, Israel365, have a passion for the people and land of Israel. They connect the people of Israel to those who desire to support the Holy Land. Israel365 is a dependable source of news concerning Israel, which can be difficult to find otherwise. They provide Biblical resources to help Bible students understand the Bible, as well as Biblical Hebrew.

The latest book by Israel365 is focused on Hebrew words throughout the Hebrew Bible. Understanding the Hebrew language can boost your understanding of the entire Bible. Read why I encourage all Believers to study Hebrew here: 7 Ways Learning Hebrew Benefits Your Christian Faith

In 75 Hebrew Words, Rabbi Akiva Gersh has chosen words that increase your understanding of Biblical concepts. Here are a few of the words he explains in the book.


Hebrew: Neshamah, נְשָׁמָה 

The rabbi teaches the connection between the soul and breath when describing the meaning of neshamah. Neshamah is the word used in Genesis 2:7 when God breathed His breath into the nostrils of the human. Understanding the full meaning of the word neshamah shows us that God not only gave us breath, He also breathed our souls into us! 


Hebrew: Zemer, זֶמֶר

The word “hymn” is used throughout the Psalms as a way we can connect with God, just as King David did. We know God hears our hymns, just as He heard King David’s. Why does the Hebrew text in Psalms sometimes say “Of David, a hymn,” but other times, “A hymn, of David”? Rabbi Gersh explains the difference and the significance in this book!


Hebrew: Kedushah, קֶדֻשָּׁה

We may think we understand the concept of holiness, but the Hebrew provides even more clarity. Kedushah means holiness, but its root word, kadosh, indicates separation. This aspect of separation shows us that holiness includes a complete separation from things that are not holy. The rabbi expands on this idea of separation even more in his explanation of this word.

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75 Hebrew Words not only has intriguing explanations of Hebrew words from the Bible. It also features beautiful pictures from the Holy Land. It’s a well-made book that would make a great gift or even supplement your Biblical Hebrew studies. Click here for more information or to purchase yours!

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