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My good friend, Anna, shared a dream with me over the weekend that illustrates so beautifully how God is always speaking. He gives us practical answers to whatever challenges we face and He faithfully leads and guides us into all truth.

Since the setting from our waking world comes first, before we have the dream, we’ll start there. Anna’s friend – who we’ll call John – was very sick. He had been to the doctors and although they were able to determine that it was his liver that was giving him problems, they had no idea why.

Various medical tests and scans were run, with no clear results. They could see John was ill but couldn’t figure out the reason for it. And since they didn’t understand the root cause, they didn’t know how to help him. But good thing for John, he had a friend who hears from God through her dreams.

Enter Anna

I asked Anna to share her vision of the night in her own words…

DREAM: John was struggling to fix the bottom of a wall that was falling in and bugs were crawling under it. The wall was on sand, and I think maybe on the other side was a beach. The bugs were small and yellow spirals… we saw them walk towards the holes in the wall. John was trying to fix the holes… but it kept crumbling. I said, “I can help… we need to fix this foundation, so the bugs don’t keep getting in…” I removed a long piece of, I believe, coral … I didn’t want it to break, or to cut myself… I then started to replace the holes, especially the area where coral was.

ACTION: Fixing a foundational issue by getting the bugs out.

EMOTION: Concerned about being cut by coral.

SETTING: Praying for John and wisdom about the underlying issue making him sick.

INTERPRETATION: Anna meditated on the dream, asking Holy Spirit for His understanding and revelation. What the Lord brought to mind through the images in the dream, combined with John’s waking life experiences, were the answer to both of their prayers!

A few months prior to these health issues, John had traveled internationally. While overseas, he had been swimming and inadvertently got too close to a coral reef, cutting his foot on the sharp edges.

Because of the dream, Anna realized the root cause and underlying “foundational” issue of John’s health challenges may be parasites. In the dream, she was trying to “help him get bugs out.” Obviously, bugs are another name for parasites, and the concept of coral being something dangerous that could cut and harm was definitely highlighted in the dream too.

Anna shared these thoughts with her friend, and John honored God’s voice through the dream. He went back to his doctor and asked if there was a possibility that parasitic bugs could be the problem, and could he have been exposed to them when he cut his foot on a coral reef overseas?

The doctor ran tests that confirmed both to be true! In fact, the parasites he was then diagnosed with were even yellow and spiral in shape, just like the bugs in Anna’s dream. Amazing! What all the doctors and all the scans couldn’t reveal, God did. Not through the medical team, not through the laboratory testing… but through. a. DREAM.

One beloved daughter and faithful friend, listening and resting. Praying and pondering.

We can see how honoring Father’s voice through our dreams sets us up for all manner of success. We never need to be anxious. Never confused or stressed out or afraid. All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are in Christ. And He’s in us! That means everything we need to know is already within. We just need to learn how to connect with Holy Spirit’s river of revelation and receive from it nightly.

In summary, we know Jesus is our Great Physician. He has every solution to every challenge, every answer to every problem. He IS the Answer! And He expresses His Spirit of wisdom and knowledge to us in our dreams. He downloads revelation and understanding while we sleep.

God is always speaking. And thankfully for John… Anna was listening!

Want to Hear from Heaven Like Anna?

Can dream interpretation be easy? Is it possible to make something that seems so strange, actually be simple and fun? YES. Because once you know the right questions to ask, you can get the right answers. Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s easier to see!

But don’t just take our word for it. Shawn Bolz says, “So far the simplest teaching I have ever heard on dreams – and possibly some of the most profound – is coming from Charity Kayembe.”

As Christians, we believe God can speak through dreams. After all, God can do anything He wants! Yet we often limit our expectations of a nightly revelation to once in a lifetime or maybe once every two or three years. But what if God was speaking through our dreams all the time? What if He had so much compassion and encouragement to give us, He poured it out all day AND all night?

Job 33 tells us that He speaks over and over again, we just don’t recognize it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when we go to sleep, He whispers to us. And how regularly does He do this? Oftentimes.

Does God speak to teenagers in their dreams? He did with Joseph and his bowing stars.

Does God download lucrative business ideas in dreams? Just ask Jacob about his sheep.

Does God provide relationship advice in dreams? Consider Mary and Joseph’s engagement.

You may be tempted to think your dreams are so weird, God couldn’t possibly be speaking through them. Yet what about Gideon and that loaf of barley bread? Or even if it’s scary, it’s comforting to know God can still provide a benefit through it, just like Abraham’s dream.

The most exciting truth is He speaks to all of us, whether we believe in dreams – or in God – or not. Look at Pharoah and Nebuchadnezzar. He has so much creativity to bless the world with, He doesn’t limit Himself only to believers.

God is freely downloading all manner of solutions and strategy to anyone who is paying attention and honoring their dreams. He is pouring out His Spirit on ALL of us… and everyone is seeing visions and dreaming dreams (Acts 2:17).

Don’t miss out on all the wisdom and perspective Heaven is providing while you sleep. Help your family experience Father’s heart, feeling seen and known by Him. Show your friends how much God cares for them and everything that concerns them. And most of all make sure they know God loves them so much He can’t wait to meet them in their dreams!

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