Artzabox: The Golan Heights

Artzabox is a beautiful way to bring quality items from the Holy Land to you – wherever you are! Each box is filled with unique things that will allow you to have a multi-sensory experience of the Holy Land.

The contents of the boxes varies each quarter. My first box was from the Galilee. The next was from the Judaean Desert and the current box contains items from the Golan Heights.

The Golan Heights is a plateau on the East side of the Sea of Galilee with an area less than 700 miles. It’s just West of the Jordan River Valley and South of Mount Hermon. Although the area is called the Golan Heights now, it was called “Bashan” in the Bible, and the refuge city of Golan was inside Bashan (Deut. 4:43, Jos. 20:8, 21:27, 1 Cor. 6:71, and many others).

The word “Bashan” means “fruitful and this area is fruitful indeed! It’s known for its cattle, both today and in Bible times, as well as for the oak trees that grow there (Ps. 22:12, Is. 2:13, Amos 4:1, and Zech. 11:2).

It was in the Golan Heights that Og, King of Bashan resided. Og is mentioned many times in the Old Testament as he was an adversary of the Israelites. This was the part of the Promised Land that was given to the tribe of Manasseh.

With items from various artisans in the Golan Heights, this Artzabox just may be my favorite!

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The Artzabox company says that each box is thoughtfully filled with:

  • Something for the soul
  • Something to inspire
  • Something to learn
  • Something to taste
  • Something to share
  • Something for the body
  • Something to cook
  • Something to cherish

You’ll find each of these in the Golan Heights Box. Here’s what’s inside:

Shalva Tea

The word “Shalva” means “peace, calm, and tranquility” in Hebrew and those are such accurate words to describe this tea. David Ross, the founder of Shalva Tea named the company with Psalm 122:7 in mind: “May shalom be within your walls and shalva in your palaces”.

The tea in this Artzabox is the Golan Heights Blend. It’s described as “breezy and uplifting”, which I think is a great description for this tea. It features lemongrass, rose, and lemon verbena and smells and tastes just heavenly.

Israeli-Grown Sumac Spice

This is one of my favorite items in this box. Sumac, with its light, citrusy flavor, is a great accompaniment to rice and meat dishes. Although I love Sumac and buy it when I can, I have never before experienced fresh Sumac. It’s amazing! I’m not sure how I’ll be able to go back to the dry, dull-flavored Sumac I get at my local grocery store after having tasted this!

It comes with a recipe for Sumac Roast Chicken which I haven’t made yet but will update when I have. I’m sure it’s delicious and I’m looking forward to it!

Meredith Rose Burak is the founder of the company that made this Sumac – Rose Burak. She has a passion for both plant medicine and women’s health and that’s revealed in her quality spices. She chose Sumac for this Artzabox because of its antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory benefits and describes it as “exotic and magical”. As a Sumac-lover, I have to agree!

Hand-Painted Tree by Emanuel

If you’ve done any amount of online shopping for Judaica, you’ll recognize the design of this piece. His art is popular around the world. With his signature vivid colors and pomegranates, this beautiful piece combines traditional Jewish with oriental style. It’s this vibrant combination Yair Emanuel’s art is known for.

Each Artzabox comes a premium version and a regular version and you can choose which you get when you order. This item comes in the Golan Heights premium box.

Designed and created in his studio in Jerusalem, this piece will be an attractive addition to any room. It’s free-standing so it will sit well on any table, shelf, or wherever!

Scented Soy Wax Candle

Named “Golan Dew”, this candle smells just amazing! It’s handmade in a family factory from all vegan ingredients and is said to have the scent of the Golan Spring when it’s in bloom. Their company, Sheananda, also makes soaps and body creams, using high quality essential oils as well as ingredients like shea butter and Dead Sea salt.

DeKarina Golan Inspired Milk Chocolate

Want to know something strange about me? I hate chocolate.

I know – weird, right? When I tell people that, they always gasp and maybe even take a step back, possibly just in case my revealed dysfunction is somehow contagious.

However, I LOVE this chocolate! It’s creamy with a little bit of a crunch and is a perfect indulgent snack. Its square pieces are just the right size for a bite or two and there’s plenty in this package to share (But you may not want to!).

As if this delicious chocolate isn’t enough of a blessing, the story behind it is incredible too. The company’s owner, Karina Chepelinski, learned to make fine chocolate from her grandfather. He fled Europe before WWI, and left his chocolate factory behind. He opened a new one in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and shared his passion for chocolate with his granddaughter, Karina.

When she moved to Israel, Karina opened her own chocolate factory and the rest is history! What a treat it is to have these chocolates in this Artzabox!

Clay Oil Lamp and Filler Set

This replica of an ancient oil lamp and jar is included in the Golan Heights box. Remember when Jesus told the parable of the 10 virgins (Matt. 25:1-13)? This is the type of lamp they would have had.

Made in Israel by Maranatha and sold by Zak’s Jerusalem gifts, this lamp and jar set is similar to those found in archaeological sites in the Golan Heights. It’s also fully functional! You can fill it with oil and light it just like they did in bible times. It even comes with an extra wick for more use.

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Hebrew Alphabet Challenge puzzle

My house full of Hebrew students loves this item. You can build each letter of the Hebrew alphabet with this wooden puzzle. The pieces are cut just right so you can make each letter. It’s a challenge because some are more difficult to figure out than others! It comes in a beautiful matching wooden box for storage.

This puzzle is handcrafted by Gaya, an Israeli company specializing in hand-made wooden games and puzzles. The owners, Eli and Galit, have the common goal of “creating quality downtime” through their creations. This puzzle is a great alternative to electronic entertainment and has brought hours of educational fun into my home.

Golan Heights Postcards

Postcards of the featured area are included in each Artzabox. Of course this box contains some from the beautiful Golan Heights. The Gamla Fortress and Mount Hermon are the two places highlighted on these postcards.

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