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The examples in this post are demonstrations of biblical views of success as I am inspired to put together. I always allow the Holy Spirit to inspire me with practical illustrations of biblical success principles.

I have taught lots of these illustrations on this blog and in many of of my published books. Please enjoy these stories on biblical views of success.

The reason for this post on biblical views of success

I want this post on Christian success to  illustrate and teach biblical truths with ‘pictures’ to make you and I become more productive individuals.

I caught the idea of using pictures to teach bible success principles from the story in the below passage:

Then He brought him outside and said, ‘Look now toward heaven, and count the stars if you are able to number them’” (Genesis 15:5)

More information about picture illustrations of success principles

For some years now, God has spoken to me using ‘pictures’. I have seen these ‘pictures’ in dreams, while studying God’s word and in a short trance.

There were times, the Holy Spirit had impressed these ‘pictures’ upon my spirit while taking a walk, looking at objects, reading anointed books, listening to sermons, watching my one-year old baby.

The Spirit of God has used almost everything and opportunity to put these success ‘pictures’ into my heart. I discovered He has used these experiences to train me in the area of my purpose in life.

The Success Laboratory

Sometimes ago, the Lord showed me in a night vision how lots of people in my part of the world still seek help from fake spiritualist who have lured them to undergo different spiritual cleansing exercises in rivers.

After this revelation, I asked the Lord why these people still engage in such ungodly and ignorant activities despite all that Jesus’ cross sacrifice has done for humanity. I was made to understand that it was because they lacked practical understanding of the usefulness of the Jesus’ cross sacrifice at Calvary to their freedom as a people.

After this experience, the Lord spoke to me through His Word with the story of Abraham (then Abram) in Genesis 15:5,

“Then He brought him outside and said, ‘Look now toward heaven, and count the stars if you are able to number them’”.

The Lord made me to understand the relevance of the stars Abraham saw in the sky and his understanding of God’s plans for his life. I also understood that this was the first time it was written since the story of Abraham began in Genesis 12 that he believed God!

He had obeyed God but he had not really believed God! Prior to that period, he had taking actions in the direction of God’s commandments but he had not taking actions because he believed in God’s project! The ‘picture’ experiment of the stars in the sky helped Abraham to believe God and it was counted unto him as righteousness.

Pictures can help your faith and Christian success

Now if Abraham demonstrated faith in God and His promises to him (Romans 4:20) because he was made to look at stars (‘pictures’) in the sky demonstrating God’s plan for his life, then anybody can also see ‘pictures’ and understand God’s purpose for his or her life.

You can also understand the relevance of Christ’s sacrifice at Calvary, success principles from God’s word and continuously take great faith steps in your walk with God.

A full understanding of this description above helped me to understand the reason why God has spoken to me using ‘pictures’. I also understood why the people in my night vision were still ignorantly taking spiritual births in dirty rivers!

I learnt that nobody will worship at the shrine of some useless, blind and deaf gods if he or she has not worshipped at the shrine of ignorance. Most importantly, I understood the fact that our ministry must have a platform called, The Success Laboratory to document, and teach these ‘pictures’ as success experiments.

This post on biblical views of success is a product of all I have explained above.

Read and Study these pictures

Let me inform you that you have to read and study these ‘pictures’ and balance the information with God’s Word – the Word of God as contained in the Bible is the surest source of information about God, Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross at Calvary, Godly success and any other topic you can ever imagine.

How to read this post on biblical views of success

bible secrets

The various biblical views of success or success experiments in this post will be presented in the following format to aid your understanding of the concept taught in each of the experiments or illustrations.

  1. The Success Experiment Title: This will show the title of the success experiment.
  2. Bible Text: This will show the bible text which triggers the experiment or which supports the experiment.
  3. Introduction: This will contain a short introduction on the relevance of the experiment you are about to be exposed to. This will just continue from where the Title and Bible Text stopped and lead you to the experiment proper.
  4. The Experiment: This is the experiment or article or story body. It will contain the practical, real-life description of the bible success concept or bible truth.
  5. Comment or Conclusion: This will show my final explanation on the success experiment. It will show the lessons the experiment taught me when I conceived it, and how it will help you.
  6. Assessment: This is where you will be tested with relevant exercises based on the experiment that has been treated. Relax, they are going to be simple questions and moreover, you are not submitting your answers for evaluation. I will however advise you to seriously consider giving quality attention to the questions and write your answers in a separate book. You can also write down the lessons you have learnt from the experiment and the action steps you have to take immediately.
  7. Further Reading: This will present other relevant bible texts you can read to give you broader understanding of the success experiment. It may also contain a link to a relevant resource material from our stable.
  8. Prayer Line: This is the last part. It will contain a prayer line which you must pray from the bottom of your heart.

Let us go straight away to the experiments in the next section.

Success Experiment: It is Not By Power

Bible Text: Zechariah 4:6


Sometimes ago, I had a great zeal to work for God. I was sure God wanted to use me considering the many visions He had shown me about my purpose on this earth and I was ready to go all out to be used by God. I never knew anybody God will use must be prepared. After lots of struggles to get things done, I was shown the following dramatic revelation:


I saw a sportsman who found himself all alone on a field in a very big stadium. The stadium was filled to capacity. The eyes of all the people in the stadium were glued to this performer on the field.

This athlete, who knew the whole stadium was looking at him and routing for him, laboured to get his task done on the field. However, all his efforts yielded no result!

The athlete tried more in order not to disappoint the audience but all to no avail!

As he tired out, a Man appeared behind him, tapped him on his shoulders and said, “It’s not by power nor by might but by my Spirit”.


Zechariah 4:6 states clearly the statement from this Man in the vision above. The Holy Spirit of God is the Enabler that will make any Christian do exploits in this world. Our own power and might won’t do it.

We need to relate deeply with Him waiting upon Him for instructions. Our success lies in obeying His instructions or following His directives. This vision taught me deep lessons about Christian success aspirations in the vineyard of God when I saw it.

I searched everywhere in the Bible and in book stores to read more about the ministry of the Holy Spirit.


1.I want you to sincerely check yourself and see if you have struggled with the Holy Spirit in any way since you became a Christian.

2.Have you been baptised in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues?

3.Have you ever read any anointed book on the ministry of the Holy Spirit?

Further Reading:

Acts 1:8. Isaiah 11:2-4. Hosea 1:7. Ephesians 6:17

Prayer Line:

1.Thank you Jesus for saving my life (if you are saved already). I appreciate the work you did at Calvary.

2.Oh God have mercy on me, a sinner (if you are yet to give your life to Jesus Christ). I believe Jesus Christ died on the cross at Calvary shedding His blood to wash away my sin. I asked for forgiveness for my sinful past. I am accepting Jesus Christ into my life as my Lord and Saviour today.

I believe I am saved now. (If you have said this prayer, you will need to start going to a Bible-believing church and share your experience with them. You can also share your experience with us by sending an email to

3.Jesus, I want you to baptise me with your Spirit today. I thirst and hunger for His baptism.

4. Holy Spirit of God, help me to wait upon you all my life.

Success Experiment: The Dirty Cloth Story

practice of meditating on the word of God

Bible Text: Romans 6:16 and 17


The Spirit of God inspired me with this illustration on the topic of salvation, sanctification and baptism of the Holy Spirit. This illustration will help you to distinguish between these three important stages in the life of a Christian.


1. A very dirty cloth lie on the floor: this is the state of a non-Christian. He or she is dirty and on the floor. Sin has kept him or her on the floor.

2. The dirty cloth is picked up from the floor: This illustrate the dirty sinner accepting Jesus as His Lord and Saviour. He or she has been raised from the floor. He has risen above sins but still has his or her dirty clothes on.

3. The risen dirty cloth is washed and ironed: This is the work of sanctification or cleansing by the Spirit of God.

4. The now washed and ironed dirty cloth is now worn: This is the stage of the Holy Spirit baptism. He takes full residence in this once-upon-a-time “dirty sinner”.


No matter how dirty you are as a sinner, salvation bought by the shed blood of Jesus Christ will raise you from the ‘mud’ of sin. The Spirit of God will cleanse you through God’s word (John 15:3) and if you ask Him, He will come fully into you to live.


1. Have you ever asked Jesus to baptise you with His Spirit since you gave your life to Him?

2. If you have done that before, what has been your experience? Is the baptism followed with the evidence of speaking in tongues?

Further Reading

1 Corinthians 6:9 and 15. 2 Peter 2:19

Prayer Line

Holy Spirit Of God, check me all through and reveal to me areas where I need improvement in my relationship with You.

Success Experiment: Why You Must Evangelise

Bible Text: (John 3:16)


Evangelism is an important activity in Christendom. Every Christian is expected to be involved in this practice. We have all been given the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18).

Jesus also commanded us to go into the world and evangelise (Mark 16:15). I want you to read this story to see how God loves those who evangelise.


An old man who had worked for an organisation for many years retired and collected his entitlement. This was all he had. An idea however entered his mind to invest this only possession of his into a business venture.

After this great investment, the man began to watch and monitor every market factor that are working for the good of his investment. This man loved all the factors that made his investment to multiply and groans at every factor that will not be of use to his investment.


God “invested” His only begotten Son (Jesus) into the “business” of saving humanity from sin. The Bible says in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life”.

He desire this investment of His only Son to bring in more sons! He is presently watching every “market factor” (you and I) who will be useful (who will evangelise) to “multiply” His great “investment” of Jesus Christ!


1.Have you ever won a soul to Christ since you became a Christian? (Please give a sincere answer to this question).

Further Reading:

(2 Corinthians 5:18). Mark 16:15. Matthew 28:16-20. Colossians 1:23

Prayer Line:

1. Oh God, help me to catch a revelation on evangelism.

2. Holy Spirit of God, give me souls that I will lead to Christ.

Success Experiment: Live Your Life For Others

Bible Text: (John 1:13-18)


The story below helped me greatly in the area of giving my time and resources to help others. It is a conversation between two friends, Alex and Anthony.


Alex: “Despite the fact that I have decided to leave everything I own to charity when I die, people still don’t like me”.

Anthony: (paused for a moment and told his friend a short story): “A pig was always lamenting to a cow about how unpopular he was. He wondered why the people loved the cow more than himself.

The pig believes he gives more than the cow to the people. He gives bacon, ham and bristles more than whatever the cow gives but still wonders why they still liked the cow more than himself. The cow, responding to the pig’s lamentation, thought for a minute and then said, ‘Well may be it’s because I give while I’m still living’ ”


Alex planned to live his life without adding any value to others with his resources until his death. The people detested this lifestyle and criticised him. The people, the society, the work of God need you when you are alive. You will be of no use when you must have gone. Don’t be like the pig who gives only when he must have died!


1.Have you lived your life for yourself and your family all alone? If you have, what immediate steps do you want to take to change this trend?

2.Can you look around your neighbourhood for a single needy soul you can extend a hand of fellowship to?

Further Reading:

Deuteronomy 30:6. James 1:18. 1 Peter 1:23. 1 John 4:9. Exodus 33:20

Prayer Line:

1.I break the hold of the spirit of selfishness in my life. I begin to live my life for others.

2.Holy Spirit of God reveal more of yourself to me from your word on this topic in Jesus name.

Success Experiment: Office-less Devil

Bible Text: (Revelation 1:18)


This story jumped on me when I was studying the book of Revelation. The story will further show you why the devil has been rendered office-less, toothless and powerless.


Larry Helmet acts as the General manager of M & S company Ltd until the night when the board of directors of the company met to review his activities. Larry helmet was not at this meeting.

The board found him wanting in his duties as the General Manager and therefore reached a consensus decision to relieve him of his duty with immediate effect. The key to his office was immediately withdrawn from the keyboard to stop him from gaining access into his office.

Larry Helmet resumed in the office the following morning only to find his keys absent from the usual place. He couldn’t gain access to his office again to perform his duties!


Jesus declared that the keys of death and hell have been withdrawn from the devil and they are now with Him. The devil has been rendered powerless – he can’t gain access into his ‘office’ again to wield his powers.

He can’t terrorise you and I (Christians) again with death. The keys are with Jesus, Jesus will not use it against you and I!

Jesus says, “All authority(powers) has been given to Me in heaven and on earth” (Matthew 28:18) (emphasis mine). Yes Jesus has all the powers now and if there is any power the devil has, they must be fake powers.


1. Do you still get scared when you think of death?

2. Do you know that the victory of Jesus over death and grave means Christians will not die? They will only exit this evil world to a world where they will spend eternity worshipping and serving God.

Further Reading:

Romans 6:9. 1 Corinthians 15:26. Hosea 13:14. Hebrews 2:15. 2 Timothy 1:10

Prayer Line:

1. Thank you Jesus for the gift of eternal life.

2. I come against every foul ministration from the pit of hell over my health, my life and my family in Jesus name.

Success Experiment: The Good God and His Free Gift

Bible text: (Romans 5:8)


The fact that Jesus died for us while we were still sinners went a long way to say much about His action. If we were dirty and unfriendly to Him and yet He died for us, then His sacrifice stands to be the greatest Gift anybody can give to us.


A preacher started his ministration in a Sunday service by holding above his head a very dirty rag in his left hand and a clean, new cloth in his right hand. He asked his audience to pick the one they would want to have if he decides to give one of the clothes out.

Expectedly, the audience went for the clean, new cloth on his right hand.


The audience went for the clean, new cloth but Jesus, over 2000 years ago went instead for the “dirty, old rag”. Jesus chose to die for sinful man when man was still enmeshed in sin. The bible says in our bible text above, Romans 5:7-8

“For scarcely for a righteous man will one die; yet perhaps for a good man, someone would even dare to die. But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us”.

You need to accept this free Gift of sacrifice from Jesus and you must ensure you begin to live it. He has died for you (if you are a Christian), shedding His blood to wipe away your sins and has resurrected so that you can become a new being.

Most importantly, He showed this love to you and I when we were still in our sins. If He did that then, will He not do more for us when we are now His?


1.Have you ever rejoiced in the presence of the Lord over this singular act of Jesus? (He died for you and I while we were still in our sins).

2.Do you know that this act of Jesus for you and I should also motivate you to forgive whoever must have offended you even before they ask for forgiveness?

Further Reading:

John 15;13. 1 Peter 3:18

Prayer Line:

1. Oh God, help me to grow in the knowledge of this great act from Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago at the cross of Calvary.

2. I forgive whoever must have offended me in the past. I release them from their offence against me. I release myself also from this bitterness and unforgiveness in Jesus name.

Success Experiment: Starting Small Is Not A Sin

Bible Text: Proverbs 24:3


This illustration from the Holy Spirit helped me greatly to get down to work and to eliminate frustrations to the barest minimum at a certain period in my ministry work. It also helped to move me to the next level of my walk with God.

I had caught the vision of this next level and I had made great plans on paper. My great plans however involved mighty spendings which got me frustrated for months. In order to help me out of my predicament, the Spirit of God intervened and taught me this interesting illustrations.


God, had some years ago, led myself and my wife to start the construction of our personal building under very limited physical resources. We trusted God as we bought the piece of land, and continued to trust God throughout all the stages of the construction of the building.

Now, while I struggled to access the next level of my ministry work with big money projects plans on paper, the Holy Spirit took my attention to Proverbs 24:3 and inspired me to remember how our building was completed in stages – from the purchase of the piece of land to the laying of foundation, to the setting of blocks and other stages.

He advised me to start using the resources that I have presently with me (no matter how little they were) and move up through the stages to arrive at my targets.


This was a big deliverance for me. I later observed there were so much I had that were relevant to move God’s project forward but which I never looked at their direction because I felt they were too small or too little to be used. I also observed that as I began to use these little resources, the bigger resources were attracted to me.

Most times, you really don’t need the big physical resources to kick-start your project, all you need is wisdom and that was what the Holy Spirit advised me to start using to work out my projects from the smallest stage up the ladder.


1. Have you struggled to kick start an idea just because you don’t have the big resources to get it off ground?

2. Will you sit down and look around you to see any relevant resources that will set the ball rolling until the big resources are attracted to you?

Further Reading:

Exodus 31:3. 1 King 3;12. Daniel 2:20. 2 Peter 3:15

Prayer Line:

1.Oh God give me the wisdom to kick start my idea. (mention the idea).

2.Spirit of the Living God, show me from the pages of the scriptures methods I can use to start my projects.

Success Experiment: Joy Comes In The Morning

Bible Text: Psalm 30:5


Sometimes ago, at the early stage of our ministry, I separated myself to wait upon God. I had very limited physical cash with me so I could not afford to pay for a hotel room. I had to make do with an open auditorium of a church. In as much as I wanted to enjoy the presence of God, the mosquitoes did all they could to disturb my concentration during the night period.

However, just when it was getting to the morning time, the Spirit of God spoke to my spirit and asked me a question: “Can you observe that the mosquitoes are no where to be found again”. He continued, “They gave you so much trouble in the night time but they have disappeared in the morning”. He then pointed my attention to Psalm 30:5, “weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning”.


I must confess that illustration further showed me the meaning and relevance of that popular bible passage. The troubles that have disturbed you for a long time has a morning disappearing time.

They will surely go the way they have come just like the mosquitoes disappeared! Just like I ensured I remained in the presence of God when the mosquitoes were disturbing, you should never give up on any problem you are facing. Keep on trusting God and keep on fighting, the problem will go when it is “morning”!


1. Are you getting discouraged over that lingering issue? Are you thinking of giving up on God’s methods over the issue?

2. If you are considering an alternative, have you taught of the consequences?

3. Do you know that God will never leave you nor forsake you over the issue (Joshua 1: 5)?

Further Reading:

Psalm 54:7 and 8. Psalm 103:9. Psalm 118: 1. 2 Corinthians 4: 17.

Prayer Line:

1. Oh God, help me over this temptation and help me to stay connected to your methods over this issue.

2. Oh God, thank you because all things are working for my good in this case.

Success Experiment: Sin Used To Be Our Husband

Bible Text: Romans 7:1-4


I caught this wonderful illustration from the analysis Apostle Paul made in the book of Romans 7: 1-4. This illustration revealed how Christians who died and resurrected in Christ were freed from the “marriage contract” they had with the previous husband (sin) and have now chosen Jesus Christ as their new husband.


This story happened in an African village. Masile, at age 15 was forced by her parents to get married to a wealthy man in their village against her will. The marriage went under different knocks for many years as Masile found it difficult getting pregnant to her husband. The husband grew impatient and made life difficult for Masile in their matrimonial home.

This troubles led Masile to Jesus Christ. His non Christian husband refused Masile’s plea to become a Christian. Masile kept on praying and hoping on God to do the best for her. Her husband fell ill and died a year after Masile became a Christian.

Masile was freed from the “marriage contract” she was forced to enter into many years back by her parents. She finally got married to the man who introduced Christ to her.


The story above is a very common happening in the Africa. Masile’s freedom from the “illegal marriage contract” she was forced to enter into by her parents signifies our (Christians) freedom from the sin the first Adam led us into when he sinned in the Garden of Eden.

The new life Masile found when she got married to her new husband showed the new life we found when we died to sin in Christ and came alive to have Jesus as our new Husband.


1. How have you exploited the wonderful opportunity the death and resurrection of Jesus gave to you to live a victorious life, free from the guilt of the sin the first Adam committed in the Garden of Eden?

2. How do you hope to enjoy your freedom as from now on after reading the great story in the success experiment above?

Further Reading:

Galatians 5:18. 1 Peter 2:24. Romans 6:21. Galatians 5: 19-21

Prayer Line:

1.I bind every evil ministration of guilt from the pit of hell. I accept my freedom and I begin to live it in Jesus name.

Success Experiment: The Cook, The Soup and The Money

Bible Text: Hebrews 12:2


This story strengthened me at a period in my life when God allowed me to go through some tough times in order to learn more of His ways and know Him better. Please enjoy it.


I want you to read about the preparation plans of two cooks for a cooking competition:

Cook A (said to himself): “Oh, the national cooking competition is about 3 months from now, I need to expose myself to more training tips from the masters to brush up my skills.

(Cook A actually carried out his plans. He went under intensive training for two months to brush up his skills).

Cook B (said to himself): “Oh the national cooking competition is three months from now. I don’t think I needed any further training for this competition.

I already have all it takes to excel. After all, the organisers will provide all the money I needed and also provide all the best ingredients I needed to have a good soup.

(Cook B carried out his plans, he lazied around for the next three months. He refused any opportunity to be trained).

(Cook A won the competition as expected and became the new national champion).


Most people, especially those who God has placed into the ministry have always refused God’s training plans for them. They receive God’s call for a particular function but venture out without God to actualise their mission. Most times, they have been frustrated in their pursuits of this God-given mission.

Jesus stayed behind for thirty years as the Son of a carpenter to become a “Good Cook” who will prepare a “good soup” in a “cooking competition”. Moses spent forty years in the desert learning the ways of God. There is the need for Christians to allow God’s training plans for them.

He is not just interested in the soup you want to cook, He is very much interested in you becoming a good cook. It is only when you become a good cook that you will be able to prepare a good soup that will win competitions!


1. Can you write down the different ways God has helped you to become a good “cook” since you gave your life to Jesus Christ?

2. Can you also list the many benefits of these trainings to you and your purpose in life?

3. Can you also remember how you have attempted to cut short these trainings and how your methods or plans have not worked?

Further Reading:

Psalm 110:1. 2 Corinthians 3:18. 1 peter 1:11

Prayer Line:

1. Oh God, help me to understand your ways and methods.

2. Oh God, send help to me from your sanctuary concerning my projects.


I hope you have enjoyed this post. I want you to take a decision to act on the contents of this post. Wisdom is not complete without a determined and calculated action on any useful knowledge you have acquired.

The Ultimate Decision

“For with the heart man believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:10)

If you have not known Jesus but you have enjoyed the success principles described in this book and you want to give your life to Jesus so that these principles can start working in your life, you can say the following in prayer:

“Father in heaven, forgive my sinful past. I believe Jesus Christ died for my sins and His shed blood has wiped away my sins. I believe He is the Son of the Living God. I accept

Him as my Lord and Saviour. I want Him to begin to rule in my life as from now on. I believe I am saved. Thank you God for hearing my prayer”.

Congratulations! This is going to be the greatest decision you will ever take. Congratulations once again! Now begin to enjoy Christ unlimited and good success will never elude you again.

Please let me read from you about your experience or how this book has helped you. You can contact me in either of these ways:

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