BONUS POST: It’s “April Fools’ Day” BUT… - The DV Walking Wounded:

When it comes to April Fool’s pranks, there are definitely some lines you should NOT cross. Here are a few things you should NEVER joke about:

  1. Serious Health Issues: Making up a fake illness or injury is never funny. You never know who might be genuinely worried or affected by such a prank. Plus, it invalidates those with a truly serious condition.
  2. Pregnancy: Faking a pregnancy announcement is not only insensitive but can also be hurtful to those struggling with fertility issues or who have experienced pregnancy loss.
  3. Relationships: Joking about breaking up with someone or cheating on them can cause unnecessary stress and hurt feelings. Relationships are serious, and it’s not cool to mess with someone’s emotions like that.
  4. Death or Tragedy: Any joke involving death, accidents, or tragedies is completely off-limits. It’s not funny to make light of something so serious and painful.
  5. Work or Career: Pranks that could potentially jeopardize someone’s job or career, like spreading false rumors about layoffs or promotions, should never be considered. It’s just not worth the risk.

Remember, the goal of April Fool’s Day is to have harmless fun and make people laugh, not to hurt or upset anyone. Always think twice before pulling a prank, and make sure it’s something everyone can laugh about afterward. Have fun and stay safe!

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