Dating tips for christian teenagers

Dating tips for christian teenagers

Posted on June 20, 2012 Updated on June 19, 2012

Genesis 26 vs. 34-35:

When Esau was 40 years old, he married two Hittite women. One was Judith the daughter of Beeri. The other was Basemath the daughter of Elon. These marriages made Isaac and Rebekah very upset

How can you avoid Strange Women?

Through self determination and self willed. Joseph firmly decided in his heart that he would not commit sexual sin and God helped him.

Through violent resistant. Strange women are desperate; therefore you must also be desperate in your will to resist them. Joseph as a desperate Saint. He freed himself from the grip of a strange woman, left behind his clothing , and ran for his salvation.

You must be able to pay a price and make sacrifices for your uncompromising holiness. At times these strange women may be your boss or a person placed in higher positions that you, who may be in a position to dispense favours. You must be able to shun the lucre of fornication and pay the sacrifices that may arise.

Remained prayerful, seek the counsel of others and invite others to intercede for you in prayers. If Esau had sought the counsel of his parents, he would not have married the daughters of Hittites.

m an idolatrous family of Sidonians. If David had been prayerful, he would have had divine strength to overcome the spirit of lust. Solomon forgot God and fell into sexual and other sins.

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