Easter Hope

 What's your favorite part of the Easter story this year? I have a few. The ripped veil giving us access to God. The loving words of Jesus on the cross.

But I needed to teach the story of Mary Magdalene at school. Preparing the lesson the night before was the very last thing I felt like doing. But afterwards I felt like I had been there and gotten a glimpse of how Mary would have felt! She went from having a broken heart to having a bursting heart. All because she had been in the presence of the One she loved. She had heard His voice and seen Him.

That joy can still be ours today because Jesus is alive, very real, personal and still gives hope today.

I love the song, I Talked to Him Today.

But I talked to Him today, and my cares all fell away

He made me feel like life had just begun
He said all of my trials can be turned into triumph
Through the victory that He's already won
And I talked to him today, and the comfort that He gave
Filled me with desire to tell the world, yet on Calvary he died
But right now He is alive, I know because I talked to him today

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