How God’s word can benefit Christians

God's Word is important in our lives.
There are benefits to learning God’s word and how we apply it in our daily lives. Image: Sixteen Miles Out|Unsplash

It’s natural for believers to ponder the significance of God’s word and its continued applicability in the modern world since we live in a fast-paced world. 

One way to grasp the significance of God’s word is to gain an understanding of what it actually is.

According to Our God is With Us, the Bible contains God’s word. It is the guidebook and model for the Christian life. The Bible is our best resource for learning about God and doing what He wants us to do.

Importance of God’s Word to Christians

Student Devos revealed that God’s word has ‘lost much significance’ in today’s secular society. Some argue that the Bible is irrelevant to today’s culture.

It also stated that many shows depict Christians as trapped in their faith and need for freedom. Many Christians, under the sway of the media and the wider culture, fail to accord the Bible the importance it deserves.

The truthfulness of God’s word is a foundational belief we must establish. 

That’s why we may trust Him, even when it seems to contradict everything we see and hear around us. In this article, you will learn all the benefits you will get from God’s word and how it will help us.

The Bible comforts us during our difficult times

The Bible has the capacity to calm and ease our hearts in any circumstance. That’s the advantage of reading it every day. 

God’s grace, His calm in the midst of the storms of life, the joy that may fortify us even in adversity, and the hope we have in Him are all reaffirmed in the Bible.

It gives us hope when we are waiting for something or someone

Waiting is as much a part of life as having faith is. But as we wait, we can take heart from God’s word. God’s love for us is manifested in the hope he provides us. The faith, joy, peace, strength, and love resulting from his gift of hope work hand in hand.

Forms an unbreakable bond with God

An unbreakable bond with God is formed when we rely on and study the Bible on a daily basis. We know His will and our own true calling in this world. When we make a sincere prayer to the Lord, He answers.

His words can show us how to treat people with kindness and dignity. Improving our concern for others is an outcome of growing closer to Him.

Grow spiritually through God’s Word

Our God is With Us shared that we cannot possibly take in God’s word and fail to grow spiritually. The Scriptures nurture faith and a closer connection to God. 

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what parts of your spiritual life need to be reduced. Make time for God in the form of Bible study, regular church attendance, and active service to the local church body.

It purifies our sin

The Word of God keeps our hearts pure by illuminating the sins we must confess and abandon. It’s useful for cleaning off filth. A righteous fear of God and an appropriate hatred of sin and evil are cultivated by time spent in God’s word.

One of the benefits and importance of God's Word

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Provides a starting point for our lives

The Bible should be our starting point for any endeavor. 

According to Student Devos, if we don’t start with the Bible when making decisions regarding our future or anything else, we’re bound to make the wrong choice.

The Bible is the foundation upon which we should build every decision. 

God’s word gives us peace

God designed our hearts and minds to follow His words. Therefore, when we don’t, we notice a discrepancy. But we can discover peace of mind when we put God’s word first.

Revive Our Hearts recommends making God’s word your daily meditation so you might experience the Word’s abundant provision of life, life support, joy, and peace.

Brings blessings

The Bible promises us good things if we obey its directions. If we obey God’s commands, He will grant us eternal life. 

Moreover, the Bible describes the blessed, but the greatest blessing is found in selfless giving. God sent up His only begotten Son to ensure our eternal salvation as a sacrifice on our behalf.

Benefits of God's Word to our lives.

Image: Sixteen Miles Out|Unsplash

Functions as our shield

To have God as your shield is to have faith that God will watch out for you and keep you safe. Having God as your shield also means that you are his, that you fight under his protection, and that he considers you his own.

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