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How to overcome fear is the focus of this Bible Short Report, How to Exit the Cage of Fear.

Fear is the direct opposite of faith and it is one of  the weapons the devil uses to afflict people. If you are walking in fear, you will not walk in faith and if you are not walking in faith, you will not be able to please God.

I want you to read this Bible Short Report on how to overcome fear with all attention. Please write a comment and share this post with your friends on social media. Thank you.

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Please continue to read the report, How to exit the cage of fear below:

How To Exit The Cage of Fear (How to overcome fear)

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 Sesan Oguntade

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All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the  New King James Version of the Bible (NKJV). Scripture quotations marked (TLB) and (MSG) are taken from The Living Bible and the Message Bible translations respectively.

Chapter 1: Introduction to how to overcome fear 

Thank you for choosing to read another success report from us at Success Christian Home. We hope all the other Bible Short Reports have served you well. We want to read from you.

This bible success report will be discussing one of the most formidable enemies of our success aspirations – FEAR. Yes, it is a formidable enemy and it can also be an important weapon in the hands of the devil to keep Christians unproductive. The devil understands the threat a productive Christian can pose to his kingdom, so he uses this weapon to put unsuspecting Christians in check!

As you read this interesting report, I want you to understand the following facts:

1.From my humble understanding of the word of God, I believe that no Christian is permitted to live an ordinary life on this earth. I study God’s word and I see lots of  provisions from God to us that we can use to affect our generations positively for Him. Therefore, if you are in doubt about your ability to shake your world for God, then it is likely you are a “resident” in the “cage of fear”!

2.I was inspired to understand that fear has a “cage” where it keeps its victims. If you are a “resident” of this cage, you will never fulfil  your purpose of coming to this earth!

3.As a student of success principles, I have been privileged  to investigate and observe lots of successful individuals (in both bible and post-bible days) and have discovered that everyone of them have the tendency to allow fear to stop them from achieving their goals.

It is just that they have found a way to fight off the challenge of this ‘enemy’ over the years and eventually have kept its challenge under their feet and have therefore continually completed projects after projects.

These consistent actions have brought them lots of fame, wealth and goodwill from the society. Therefore, if you are still struggling with this ‘enemy’, be of good cheer, you are not alone, those famous achievers of today were in your shoes many years ago; they only mastered how to fight off the challenge of fear!

I want you to enjoy this report and please act on its contents. I want to give the Spirit of the living God all the glory for this work.

Please Read This Interesting Comment

“The child is born with no fears, except those of falling and loud noises. All other fears have to be taught to the child as he or she grows up. The two major fear we all develop are the fear of failure or loss and the fear of criticism or rejection.

We begin to learn the fear of failure if we are continually criticised and punished when we try something new or different. 

We soon begin to believe that we are too small, too weak, in-competent, inadequate, and incapable of doing anything new or different. We express this feeling with the words, “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t”.

Whenever we think about doing something new or challenging, we automatically respond with feelings of fear, trembling, and a churning stomach.

The fear of failure is the primary reason for failure in adult life…we sell ourselves short. We quit before we even try the first time. Instead of using our amazing minds to figure out how to get what we want, we use our reasoning ability to create reasons why we can’t, and why the things we want are not possible for us” — This interesting quote was taken from Brian Tracy’s book, ‘Change Your Thinking,  Change Your life’.

Brian Tracy is one of the most outstanding sales speaker, trainer, and consultant in the world today. He is the president of Brian Tracy International.

I picked that quote for this report because the content gives a complete description of the person who is caged by fear. It also describes the common events that drag people into the cage of fear.

I want you to note, from this interesting quote, a major result or the consequence of staying or living in the “cage of fear” – we use our reasoning ability to create reasons why we can’t!

Residents of the cage of fear turn out to be non-doers. They won’t take actions on ideas or projects that will transform their lives and that of their societies. If they don’t act on ideas or projects, they can’t get results that will profit or promote them.

Let us go fully into the meat of this report. Wishing you a wonderful time.

Chapter 2: Gideon Lived In The Cage of Fear

how to get divine healing

Let us take a trip through the story of Gideon in the book of Judges 6. If you have not read about this personality before in the Bible, let me give you a short description of his story as recorded in the Bible.

Gideon was one of the unlikely Judges who God chose to rule Israel after they arrived at the promised land. God chose him to push His cause of defeating Israel’s strongest enemy at that time – the Midianites.

At this period, Israel was under the oppressive power of this formidable enemy and most Israelites, out of fear, lived in caves and strongholds. You can read more about Israel and her Judges in the book of Judges in the holy Bible.

Now that you have a knowledge of who Gideon is, his condition and the condition of his society at this period, let us look at how he enjoyed his stay in the cage of fear until God visited him.

Gideon Hid Himself To Thresh Wheat

“…where his son Gideon was threshing wheat in a wine press to keep it from the Midianites” (Judges 6:11b) (NIV)

Fear made Gideon to use the wrong place (wine press) for the right thing (threshing of wheat).

Gideon Sold Himself Short

“ ‘But Lord’, Gideon asked, ‘how can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family’” (Judges 6:15) (NIV).

Fear made Gideon to give excuses for his unwillingness to take actions on a Godly project.

Gideon Needs A Sign

“ … if now I have found favour in your eyes, give me a sign that it is really you talking to me” Judge 6:17 (NIV).

Fear made Gideon seek signs before he can act on a Godly project.

Gideon Is Not Really A Poor Person

“Gideon went in, prepared a young goat, and from an ephah (22 litres) of flour…” (Judges 6:19b) (NIV)

“Gideon took ten of his servants…” (Judges 6:27) (NIV)

Fear made Gideon to belittle himself and his clan (see Judges 6:15) despite being blessed to have “ten of his servants” (he had more!) and using the materials described above as sacrifice. He was really not the poor, helpless person he thought he was.

I have tried to compare the materials Gideon used to the ones Abraham used in Genesis 18:3 and have observed that they were almost of the same quality. Yet Abraham never belittled himself – he fought a battle to rescue his nephew Lots!

Gideon’s Major Problem 

“…But he was afraid of his family and the men of the town, he did it at night rather than in the daytime” (Judges 6: 27b) (NIV) (emphasis mine).

Fear made Gideon to see others’ views more important than his and allowed this to affect his sense of reasoning.

Gideon Fleeced!

“…If you will save Israel by my hand as you have promised  – look, I will place a wool fleece on the threshing floor…” (Judges 6:36,37) (NIV).

Fear made Gideon to seek for a second sign before he can act.

We can see from the illustrations above that Gideon was a man completely caged by fear. He was enjoying himself “behind the bars of fear”!

Chapter 3: What Fear Can Do To You

Now let me quickly describe what fear can do to anyone who is living in it’s cage drawing information from the story of Gideon above:

Confusion: It leaves the person in the congregation of confused people. A confused person will find it difficult executing projects or ideas. Confusion disturbs the generation of problem-solving ideas or inspirations that will be of use during the execution of great projects. A confused person will always not know the right thing to do.

Flimsy Excuses: It makes you to give unnecessary and unimportant excuses for not acting on your projects or ideas. You will not make attempts to think  outside the box at any point in time in your undertakings. You will be satisfied with the status quo. Gideon started with excuses before we read in (Judges 6: 27b) that he was actually afraid. Gideon was contented with his condition and that of his people. He wants to continue to thresh his wheat in the wine press -the wrong place!

No Quick Actions: It stops you from taking quick actions to act on life-changing ideas. Quick actions and execution of ideas are necessary to improve your life and that of the people in your society. God brought a great idea to Gideon and he wasted lots of time before he finally acted on God’s instructions.

Most people in this category usually spend lots of time looking for proofs of the success of others who have acted or are executing a similar project or idea. They want all the proofs before they can take actions on their own projects. Most times, this waste of time or delay have robbed these people of the joy of reaping from great ideas.

Lack of Self Esteem: Part of the unnecessary excuses you give when you live in the “cage of fear” is that you don’t have what it takes to see the idea through. Though, Gideon belittled himself and his clan but the Bible showed us that  he took ‘ten of his servants’ – this shows that he actually had more than ten servants.

If he had servants, then it implies that he was actually a master over some people. Therefore, accepting the challenge of

God to be a master over a group of people who will fight a war should not have been a problem.

NOTE: If God blesses you with an idea, you don’t have to nurse any fear of your ability to execute the project. If you will not be able to finish the project, God would not have blessed you with it in the first place. He told Gideon, even in the midst of his doubts and low evaluation of himself, ‘…go in this thy might’ (Judges 6:14).

You Speak A Different Language: It can also make you begin to speak a different language from that of God. This is dangerous! If you are a Christian, you are supposed to speak God’s thoughts and ideas. You won’t really do any good to your success aspirations if you constantly speak a different language to God’s language.

Remember that Jesus says in John 15:5b, “…without Me you can do nothing”. You can’t succeed outside God! If you must stay in God and succeed in Him and through Him, you must constantly learn to speak and act His word and thoughts. Fear is a killer of good things and the interesting thing about it is that, most times, people live in its cage without knowing they are actually resident in it!

Gideon was in it and he failed to recognise an encounter with God! (he wanted proofs that it was God talking to him) (Judges 6:17). God’s word, inspirations or leadings means nothing to anyone who is a ‘resident’ in the cage of fear.

My dear reader, fear is a formidable obstacle you need to crush consistently if you will ever make a mark on this earth!

They Are Killers of Fear

As a student of success principles, I have taken my time to study the lives of personalities (both in the bible and post bible days) who have recorded outstanding successes in their lifetime. I have discovered from my study that they have all fought (and are still fighting) against becoming “residents” of the cage of fear.

They have consciously fought consistent battles to stay outside its cage. They are great consistent killers of fear! With fear out of the way, they have been presented with a smooth path to their promotions, victories or to the end of any worthy project.

You will need to resist and probably kill fear consistently to prevent its “Lordship” over your life. It can be very fierce and brutal with its intentions and plans to bring you into its cage – you must therefore equip yourself with the potent weapons to kill it on a consistent basis!

Chapter 4: How To Overcome Fear: Exit the cage if fear 

Let us look at how you can consistently prevent yourself from entering the cage of fear or take your exit from it if you have been living in it all this while. However, before I show how you can take your exit from the cage of fear, let me reproduce an experiment from The Success Laboratory titled The Fear Check. This experiment will help you to find out if you are a resident of fear or not.

NOTE: (The Success Laboratory is a Christian ‘laboratory’ and an important arm of our ministry where we use practical real- life stories, quotes, descriptions to explain important Bible truth or success principles).

How To Carry Out A Fear Check On Yourself – from the archive of The Success Laboratory

This experiment consist of series of questions that you will either give a YES or NO answer to. If you answer, ‘YES’ to a large percentage of the questions (especially from number 4 to number 10 above), then you are probably living your life in the cage of fear.

Likewise, if you can’t give any satisfactory answer to questions 1 to 3, you are also probably enjoying yourself in the cage of fear.

NOTE:You must be sincere in your answers to these questions. Take your time and search yourself very well before you answer any question.

1)How many projects (including small projects) have you started and completed in your lifetime?

2)How many projects have you started and abandoned in your lifetime?

3)How many projects have you struggled to start in your lifetime?

4)Have you, at any point in your life, believed there is a height you cannot reach?

5)Have you, at any point in your life, allowed your humble background to stop you from starting a project?

6)Have you searched endlessly for proofs of success before you embark on any project?

7)Have you, at any point, blamed lack of money for your ability to act on any project?

8)Have you always written off the success stories of some people even before you took your time to investigate their stories?

9)Have you shown over time, so much hatred and dislike for the gathering of success-minded people?

10)Have you found it difficult pushing yourself from “within” to act on a simple task?

I hope you enjoyed that experiment, now let us discuss some of the steps you can begin to take to exit the cage of fear or to prevent yourself from entering its cage.

  1. Search For Your Story In The Word of God

We all have our stories in the bible, so search for yours in the scripture. I have searched for mine and I am still discovering more details about it every day. Search sporadically for yours too. This is one of the important steps that will help you to put fear where it belongs. If you know, from the word of God, that you are meant to solve problems in the education industry in your society, you will always be ready to encourage yourself to seek solutions to problem areas in this industry. You won’t just seek these solutions, you will be bold to act on them and present them to the public.

Gideon should have studied how God dealt with his fore- fathers in the past. He should have discovered the type of people that God loves to use (people of low estate). Gideon should have understood the deep love God has for His people   and how He can go to any length to empower an Israelite or a group of Israelites to fight and win battles over their enemies. Gideon’s discoveries would have helped him to embrace God’s choice of him to save his people. Even if he was going to ask God one or two questions, he won’t get to the extent of fleecing!

  1. Believe Your Discoveries

It is one thing to carry out sporadic researches about yourself from God’s word, it is another thing for you to believe them. Let me inform you that whatever you discover from God’s word about yourself is true. God’s word is settled forever more (Matthew 24:35). Believe it when you must have seen or discovered anything. If God says it, then you must believe it and that should settle it.

Your believe system is your gateway to the miraculous. Jesus did so much to show this great fact during His ministry. I want you to read below some of the instances where He showed His audience how they cannot get the best of God without a healthy believe system.

“Jesus said to him, ‘If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes’” (Mark 9: 23)

“And these signs will follow those who believe: In my name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues…” (Mark 16:17)

“And He said to him, ‘Arise, go your way. Your faith has made you well’” (Luke 17:19)

“Jesus said to her, ‘Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God’” (John 11:40)

“And I am glad for your sakes that I was not there, that you may believe” (John 11:15)

The act of believing is the first contact that you must have with an information before the information can be useful to you. For example, if I find out that I am meant to be a footballer, I must establish my first believe contact with this information.

This is actually the beginning of my journey to become a footballer. With this great contact, all other things will fall into place, no matter the obstacles that will come against me.

“And he believed in the Lord, and He accounted it to him for righteousness” (Genesis 15:6)

The passage above should interest you. The Bible says, that righteousness was credited to Abraham because HE BELIEVED! Now I want you to note that it was the first time that the

Bible says Abraham actually believed God since his story started in Genesis 12 – that was the first real destiny-actualisation contact he had with God! So many obstacles came up afterwards to challenge Abraham’s beliefs but he overcame them.

He was always defeating fear or any other obstacle to become the father of Isaac – God’s promise that he believed.

You need to take a believing attitude towards God’s word so that whenever you receive an instruction or inspiration you will  be able to establish this much needed believe contact with the information.

It is after this type of contact that you will  have the much needed internal strength to overcome the challenge of fear and any other obstacle that will come against you.

NOTE: You will need to train your believe system to produce for you consistently!

  1. Write The Visions

“Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it” (Habakkuk 2:2)

You must also form the habit of writing whatever you discover down on a paper. Write and place it before yourself consistently. It can even be a picture, let this picture of what you want or what God has spoken to you stand before you on a regular basis.

In one of my books, Bible Secrets For Effective School Teaching, I described the relevance of the use of picture materials by school teachers in their classroom deliveries.

You naturally want to love, relate with and run after what you see consistently. Sometimes  ago, a friend of mine gave me a Christmas calendar of his own organisations where he had his books displayed (over 20 of them).

Immediately, I turned this calendar into a picture material. I hung it in my sitting room where I will always see it. If he could publish over 20 books, I can do better. Even after the calendar year passed, I did not remove the calendar! To me, the calendar was more than a calendar – it was a picture material!

If you don’t have pictures to use, let your writings be your pictures.

Please remember to “write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it”. I am telling you that the fear of failure will not find a place in you if you practice this diligently.

  1. Act Immediately On Your Ideas

Sometimes, you will have to stop your entry into the cage of fear by forming the habit of taking an immediate step on any inspired idea that you receive. Act on it and learn along the way.

I understand that there are some ideas that you may not be able to act upon immediately but you can still carry out the right believe contact with the idea and also take a further step to write it down in a safe place (a document you check regularly).

I have an idea book where I write down ideas. Even if it appears very big, I take the action steps of believing I can execute it and also writing it down in my idea book. With this attitude, I don’t give fear any chance to put me into its cage. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).

I have observed something over time and that is the mystery behind taking the first step and also starting small whenever it is time to start and finish a project. If the project is as big as an elephant and you have been inspired to conceive it, you only need to take the first step or start with the smallest resources that you have at your disposal at that moment.

Every other thing will begin to fall in place. Heaven will begin to transfer further information on how to go forward unto you.

When Gideon blew the trumpet and began to act on God’s word, things began to happen, further instructions began to hit him from heaven (Judges 6:34).

“Then He got into one of the boats, which was Simon’s, and asked him to put out a little from the land…” (Luke 5:3)

I want you to note that Jesus also used this strategy when he used Peter’s boat at the start of His ministry. He had no boat  to preach the gospel, He looked around and found Peter’s boat and approached Him to surrender his boat for His use.

You will always drive fear away and make great strides towards your project if you can learn to take the first step towards your dream and also look around you to use whatever you have access to.

Things will begin to move after you have done this. Let also look at how it happened with Jesus as I have mentioned above:

  1. Jesus used Peter’s boat to preach;
  2. The people were fed with God’s word;
  3. Jesus performed a miracle in the presence of Peter and his friends;
  4. Jesus won Peter, James and John as disciples.

All of these started with the first step Jesus took towards the use of Peter’s boat to preach.

The enemy’s tool called fear cannot stand an individual who demonstrates consistently, the attitude described above!

There is a Treasure In You

“I said, ‘You are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High’” (Psalm 82:6)

If you are a Christian, you are not permitted to leave this world without leaving your mark behind. There is so much that God has deposited into a Christian. A Christian has treasures that can not be measured on his or her inside. I read and study the word of God and I see these treasures every day. I have believed strongly in the fact that money or any other resources of this world cannot buy these treasures.  

You need to believe this. You have so much inside of you to allow fear to keep you in its cage! You need to create platforms

to push out these treasures for the benefit of others – this is the major reason why you were blessed with them in the first place!

The devil becomes scared to the bones when a Christian rises to use the treasures in himself or herself. The devil knows that you will eventually use your potential to profit God’s kingdom at the end of the day. This is the reason why he uses the weapon of fear to keep you in check.

The devil also, probably must have read the story of the unprofitable servant told by Jesus in (Matthew 25:14-30). He knew the unprofitable servant ended up in hell so he wants to keep you in the cage of fear so that you won’t use the potentials God has given you to profit God’s kingdom. You need to resist him (James 4:7) and chase away fear consistently!

Remember that you are a god; you are a child of the Most High God! You have so much in you to give to the world in your lifetime. Take a decision today to start giving it out.

  1. Speak Out Your Conviction On Any Issue.

“Then God said…” (Genesis 1:3)

“Then God said…” (Genesis 1:6)

“Then God said…” (Genesis 1:9)

“Then God said…” (Genesis 1:11)

“Then God said…” (Genesis 1:14)

“Then God said…” (Genesis 1:20)

“Then God said…” (Genesis 1:24)

You should also learn to speak out your conviction on any project or ideas you are executing, this helps your confidence. I learnt this from God the Father during creation. The earth came out void and formless (Genesis 1:2) but He kept on speaking (see bible verses above) until everything became good and beautiful (Genesis 1:31).

Jesus also used this severally during His ministry. He kept on  talking about His mission of coming to the earth. He kept on telling the people parables of why He must die on the cross for the sins of humanity.

I am not surprised He finally went to the cross. He even overcame the fear of going to the cross that enveloped Him in the Garden of Gethsemane.

The disciples also did not keep their mouth short. Despite the persecutions, they kept on talking about their convictions or beliefs. You should read the whole of the book of Acts to see their many declarations.

I learnt a great deal from this and I have used it to chase fear away from me. When I say it consistently to the hearings of those around me, I helped my focus and I put myself into a situation where I must act on the ideas.

Therefore, no matter the unfavourable situation surrounding me, I will always speak out what I have received. Even if there are no cash in my account, I will continually speak out where I am going. Even if there are no longer support from any one around me, I will still open my mouth to speak out my convictions. Speaking your convictions energises you consistently. With this energy you can’t be kept in the cage of fear!

  1. Act On Godly Project

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God…”   (1 John 4:1).

Balance your view with God’s views before you act. As Christians, we need God’s help to strengthen us whenever we make efforts to execute a project. The bible says in Psalm 20:2, “(The Lord) send you help from the sanctuary, and strengthen you out of Zion”. 

If you will ever receive strength from God, you will need to ensure that you are acting on a greatly project. God will not support what He does not recommend.

You can know if your project agrees with God’s views if it does not contravene God’s word as we have it written in the bible. This is the reason why you must be a diligent student of the bible.

You can’t know the rules if you don’t study the rules. If your project is in line with God’s commandments, then you can be sure that the strength to go on and against your fear will be supplied by God.

NOTE: Are You Saved?

At this junction, I want to ask you if you are born again already. I have talked about the benefits of being a Christian severally in this report and I am inspired to pause and ask you the simple question above.

You will need to transfer yourself from the “camp of the devil” to the “camp of God”. Everybody born into this world must do this because the bible says, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23)

You can’t win the battle over fear consistently if you are not born again. Even if you keep fear in check during your stay on this earth, how do you keep away the fear of hell fire? If you want to take a decision to belong to God through Jesus Christ, please say the following prayer:

“Father in heaven, forgive my sinful past. I believe Jesus Christ died for my sins and His shed blood has wiped away my sins. I believe He is the Son of the Living God. I accept

Him as my Lord and Saviour. I want Him to begin to rule in my life as from now on. I believe I am saved. Thank you God for hearing my prayer”.

Congratulations! This is going to be the greatest decision you will ever take. Congratulations once again! Now begin to enjoy Christ unlimited and good success will never elude you again.

Now let us go on with this report.

  1. Give The Holy Spirit The Chance

“But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem…” (Acts 1:8)

Let me show you the the way Christianity works – after you have given your life to Jesus Christ, it does not end there, you take up His Spirit (Holy Spirit) and let Him run your life for you! It was like that for the disciples, they were with Jesus when He was here on the earth, when he left, they took up His other form (His Spirit).

You can’t succeed as a Christian without the help of the Holy Spirit of God! Sometimes, I wonder how the orthodox churches cope without giving  active attention to the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

I strongly believe that Christianity will be boring, uneventful and powerless without the Spirit of God in operation in Christians. This is the simple truth!

The Spirit of God in you and the power that surrounds Him will “kill” any fear in you at any time if you allow His power to manifest through you. The fear-stricken disciples of Jesus became bold to turn the world around for Christ when they received this Great Gift.

I have always believed, I won’t be able to do all that I am doing today if I am not filled with the Spirit of God. He is the One who is supplying all the help for all I am doing today and all I will ever do in my lifetime.

I love Him and cherish Him. This is the reason why I have always written this statement, ‘…I am giving all the glory to the Holy Spirit of God for this report’  to end the introduction part of our Bible short report.

You can check the end of the introduction section of this report in your hand to check it out. The purpose is to show Him and the readers of this Report that He is the enabler and the strengthener  behind this project.

The boldness and the inspiration to go into any project even at zero cash down comes to me from the Holy Spirit of God.

Allow the Holy Spirit of God to take control in your life if you have Jesus as your Lord and Saviour  already. Remember that Gideon was only able to blow the trumpet after the Holy Spirit came upon Him (Judges 6: 34). Now, because of the gracious cross sacrifice of Jesus over 2000 years ago, we do not just have the Holy Spirit coming ON us, He comes INTO us and operates WITHIN us!

NOTE: You will need to look for anointed books on this topic to learn more about the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Associate With Like-minded People

“If you think you know it all, you’re a fool for sure; real survivors learn wisdom from others” (Proverbs 28:26)

The bible calls those who learn wisdom from the wise, real survivors! You must form the habit of taking the right steps to associate with those who have taken the decision never to live

in the cage of fear. If you do this consistently, you will believe, act and carry yourself like them. If you want to get something done under any topic, you only need to get yourself hooked to those who are succeeding on the topic.

The Lord allowed me to carry out extensive researches on people who have succeeded (and are still succeeding) in the same task that God has called me to perform. I loved their stories and I believed I can do what they have done and do better.

With diligent study of their stories, I developed a mentality that would not entertain any fear on the task God has asked me to perform.

I have also associated with them through their books. I have the books of my mentors on my table. I read and re-read them all the time. You don’t have to know them physically.

These are the days of social networking on the internet. Thank God, most of these top performers have online presence at these networks. I searched them out and follow them and their stories every now and then. You can also subscribe to their newsletters on their websites.

This way you can obtain current information on their activities. I want you to understand that fear is one of the weapon of the devil to incapacitate you, so fight it with every thing you have got.


I hope you have enjoyed this report. I want you to take a decision to act on the contents of this report. Wisdom is not complete without a determined and calculated actions on any useful knowledge you have acquired.

The Ultimate Decision

“For with the heart man believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:10)

If you have not known Jesus but you have enjoyed the success principles described in this book and you want to give your life to Jesus so that these principles can start working in your life, you can say the following in prayer:

“Father in heaven, forgive my sinful past. I believe Jesus Christ died for my sins and His shed blood has wiped away my sins. I believe He is the Son of the Living God. I accept

Him as my Lord and Saviour. I want Him to begin to rule in my life as from now on. I believe I am saved. Thank you God for hearing my prayer”.

Congratulations! This is going to be the greatest decision you will ever take. Congratulations once again! Now begin to enjoy Christ unlimited and good success will never elude you again.

Please let me read from you about your experience or how this book has helped you. You can contact me in either of these ways:


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Sesan Ogunotade is an insightful teacher of the word, bible success researcher and author of many books amongst which is the popular “Jesus and Your Success” (available free at ). He believes that the solution to ANY problem lies in the WORD of GOD. His central message to the world is  “without Jesus, you cannot succeed” (John 15:5b). He presides over Success Christian Home, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, a Christian organisation with the vision of raising problem solvers in the society.

He is also the founder of Visionary Business Project, a divine initiative with the mandate to raise Godly and problem-solving business owners and workplace professionals. You can add him on facebook: You can follow him on twitter, @SesanOguntade. He is married to Olutoke Success Oguntade and they are blessed with children.

…teaching practical success principles from the Bible

This online platform was set up to share with the whole world on a regular basis, success principles I have discovered through the help of the Holy Spirit from the Bible. On this  website, I share practical Bible success principles in these categories:

Success-Articles, Teachings About Jesus, Articles for Singles, Business Development Tips From the Bible, Bible Parenting Tips, Bible Poems, Bible Jokes and Sciences, Teacher Education, Faith Stories: (This category allows visitors to our website share their faith stories so that others can learn from it.

You will be able to share how you have stood on God’s word to solve a problem. This way you are adding values to other people. So go over to our website at ( to add your own faith story or send it in an email to

We reserve the right to publish any story we receive. More categories will be added in the future as the Lord leads. 

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You can also obtain some of our Bible Motivational and Inspirational books, e-books, audio and videos (Bible Short Reports) FREE of charge by filling a simple form on our website . Some of the free Bible Reports that are available on our membership page are: Jesus and Your Success; The Significance of The 7th Day Rest of God; How To Overcome Worry and Anxiety;  How To Multiply Your Resources; How To Become Super -Successful; Why faith has a ‘Human Face’ and many more. More Reports are  added on a regular basis. You will be subscribed immediately to our weekly e-newsletter, Bible Riches! newsletter When you fill the form on this website.

You can contact us with your questions, testimonies, prayer requests and so on: With over 140 articles already posted and still going strong, a visit to this website ( get you hooked forever!

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