When my plans get disrupted, I tend to measure the stress level in my life by the amount of tension in my shoulders and back. Does your back tighten up into a knot and turn into a wall of concrete like mine does? When I am dealing with a lot of heavy things emotionally, my insides feel it. I can tell myself I am not that stressed, but my whole body is straining with anxiety and calling me a liar. Can you relate?

We like to plan ahead and be prepared, but the problem is that things rarely ever work out the way we picture them because we live in a fallen world broken by sin, and the enemy of our soul loves to disrupt our very well-laid plans and make us feel defeated. Let’s dig into Proverbs to discover what God’s Word has to say to help us stop being so anxious about the possibility of dealing with disrupted plans.

TUNE IN TO EP 4: how to stop stressing out about your disrupted plans

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