“Job and the Problem of Suffering” – A Review

“Job and the Problem of Suffering” – A Review

Job and the Problem of Suffering

The review of Job and the Problem of Suffering was written by Dale Hansen.

Dale is the author of When Life Gets Shaky: Parkinson’s and Life’s Trials. In his book, Dale relates his personal experiences living with Parkinson’s Disease. In his book, Dale shows how he used the Bible “to challenge, encourage, and guide me through living with Parkinson’s and through other trials.”

Because Dale has personally experienced the problem of suffering, I invited Dale to offer his reaction to the content of the book. Below is Dale’s review of the book.

Job and the Problem of Suffering
A Review by Dale Hansen

I liked this book as it is very insightful on the subject of suffering. We are always asking why there is suffering. Why do believers suffer and the wicked are prosperous? Why does God not heal or help us? Job had to deal with suffering.

Dr. Mariottini’s book is easy to read and repeats some of his statements to keep Job’s story moving. You feel the essence of the complete story unfolding and it gives a good flow to the book.

I wondered what I could learn from reading the book. There was a lot to learn about Job handling his suffering, his three friends, one visitor being useless, and what God thought of Job through this. I narrowed my application down to three areas:

1. God does allow suffering as part of His plan, and our challenge is to trust and grow our faith since we may never know the answer of why.

2 Dr. Mariottini tells us this book is more about Job’s faith and trust in God. His suffering, the lack of help from friends, and asking why we would question God are the secondary lessons.

3. Why is there suffering? Dr. Mariottini states, “Human suffering is a reality of the broken world in which we now live.”

Suffering will always be here with us. God wants and desires our love unconditionally. We are usually hard pressed to grow when things are going well. At the end of the story, Job receives his final answer from God. Who are we to question the God and creator of the universe?

God answers Job in verses I have used before to remember who God is (read Job 38:1– 41:34).

I also believe Christians should read this book because of all the suffering in the world and because people demand answers from God.

Just like Job, in suffering, God is not absent from us, and He is still watching over us.

Dale Hansen

I would like to thank Dale for this review of my book and for the work he does in ministering to people who have Parkinson’s Disease. Dale can be reached at his web page: http://www.groundedandgrowingweekly.com

Claude Mariottini
Emeritus Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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