Me? Creative?

Me? Creative?

According to Your Dictionary Creativity means to come up with new and exciting ideas.

Wait.. What? Well that was short, sweet and direct.

It’s easy to come up with a list of ways and ideas that showcase our creativity. I could list many ways to be creative, but I’m not. Alternatively, you may have said ” I’m not a creative person”. When it boils down to it we all have creativity within us. Just because someone doesn’t create nor want to create, doesn’t mean they don’t have the ability to do so. Being creative, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Can creativity be learned?

I believe so. Sometimes when we try a new thing we realize we are good at this new thing and want to learn and pursue it more. We have to start somewhere. And soon we see we are developing new and original things and ideas. We see that once we’ve learned something new, over time we can improve upon it, thus allowing our creativity to grow.

Can creativity be intimidating?

Yes, sure. Why not. When you see people who have come before you in whatever space or medium you decided to create in you may say ” I’ll never be that good”. Well maybe not, because you’re not them. And, they had to start somewhere too.

I remember when I began blogging for Jesus. I felt intimidated, and boy oh boy was I ever anxious. I was doing a new thing. There were so many new things I had to learn. And, I’m still learning.

I had the thought of  “I’ll never be good enough at writing”, but over time I witnessed my abilities grow. I had to not rely on me. I fail when I do things on my own. But when I surrendered and put my trust, and relied on him, with Jesus guiding me, I saw that as my relationship with him grows, so does my writing.

His creativity in me

The way I look at my still fairly new creativity journey is that my blogs are his blogs. He is the one who puts on my heart what to write. Do I make grammar mistakes? Yep, sure do. Do I make punctuation mistakes? Yep, sure do. Is he using me to get his message out? Yes, He sure is. I’m his messenger. Another new thing I want to try, that I feel him tugging at me is writing devotionals. I read devotionals all the time. Then the ” I ‘ll never be good enough” rears its ugly little head. So I squash it right there. So, I’ve been reading about how to write devotionals. I’m finding many ways to write, and different styles to do it in. I haven’t tried to write any yet as I’m still looking around and learning. However, I have to start somewhere.

His Creativity in you

Friend, before you discount yourself as having no creativity in you. Start somewhere, try something new. If you are interested in something give it a try. You’re not going to know if you enjoy something until you try. If you didn’t like what you tried, you’ll know it’s not for you. However, if you do enjoy it, you can move forward.

What do you like to create? Has trying something new been on your mind? If you think of yourself as not creative, has anything piqued your curiosity, whether you’ve tried it or not yet?

Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash

*This post was originally posted on February 14, 2021 for the #Write28Days Challenge

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