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New Christian films 2023

  • ·January 31, 2023

There are already some new Christian films in the year 2023. One of them is this interesting Christian movie that was just released by Calvary Drama Ministry.

The film is titled My Last Bus Stop. This is a film you must watch as it’s filled with Christian content that can promote or improve your Christian spirituality.

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New Christian film 2023: About this Christian movie

This new Christian film from Calvary Drama Ministry started with an interesting spiritual discussion between a lady and some forces of darkness.

The forces held her in bondage and she was surprised to see herself in such a situation. She asked them why they were tormenting her since she is innocent.

They replied: ” You’re offending us. We are the offended. Your future is going to be great and you represent a danger to our operation in the future.”

She was being tormented because they have seen her glorious destiny!

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Another scene in this new Christian film 2023

Another interesting scene in this Nigerian Gospel film is where a woman refused to join hands in prayer with her husband for their children.

That was an error and they paid for it.

What happened to this couple and their children? You need to watch this new gospel film today.

Watch the film today and subscribe to the Calvary Drama Ministry YouTube channel.

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