Remaining Stagnated Spiritually in Life is Deadly - Raising Zion

stagnated spiritually

‘I am fine like this’ Christianity is taking over. Many so-called-old believers are in a stagnated state. Have you seen what happens when water becomes stagnant? Mosquitoes and other creepy crawlers enter, bringing diseases and sickness into the area.

Spiritual stagnation wrecks havoc in believers’ lives and begins affecting the church. But most do not know that they are in limbo, in a zombie-like spiritual state. Deceitfully manipulated by money, they are well-organised outwardly. Inwardly, ravening wolves, as Jesus says about the Pharisees.

How do Spirit baptised believers give in to false spirits? They forget they are in spiritual warfare. Neither guard nor can stand in prayer for the weak in the church.

God slew the chosen of Israel because they did not walk in His ways (Psalms 78:31). A loving God put an end to His children’s backsliding for good to protect those surrendered to do His will.

Three reasons why remaining indifferent or stagnated spiritually is deadly for believers.

  1. Believers can get deceived because of false prophets and apostles (Matthew 24:24)
  2. Believers who are still carnal, unable to hear the hard truth (1 Corinthians 3:1-3), will walk out of church because of envy and internal problems.
  3. Simple-minded believers will be seduced by good words and fair speeches (Romans 16:18)

King David was in neither a hot nor cold state when found in sin with Bathsheba. Instead of being at the battle, he was wasting his time at the palace, wandering on the terrace. When our thoughts wander from meditating on the goodness of God, we end up giving room to vicious thoughts.

Praise, prayer, thankfulness, rejoicing in fellowship, meditating on God’s word, and giving; needs to be the daily activities for all believers to protect themselves. We make time for everything else.

Prepare to meet Jesus; Maranatha, Praise God and Amen.