SD #165 Finding Your Rhythm - Denise Pass %

Finding Your Rhythm

What is the cause of your struggle to find a healthy rhythm in your life? Sometimes our busyness is due to poor planning or maybe due to a perfectionist mentality that does not know when to quit. The list could go on and on. But the truth is, we don’t have to be in rush mode. We choose to be. But finding your rhythm is possible. Listen in for tips to help you start again. And again.

Life happens. Boy does it happen. And can I just say that DRAMA happens? Drama will crash your rhythm in a heartbeat. Drama in relationships. And drama at work. But we get to choose how we deal with drama. It does not have to tank our mindset or our rhythm.

We don’t have to conform to someone else’s rhythm. It’s ok to not be ok sometimes then get back up to establish a new rhythm. And when we are not enough, Christ is. But we can transform the way we think about time and seek to let go of the “perfect rhythm” and be content with the rhythm that God has willed for us to do in the time we have been given.