Shalom from Israel!

We have the privilege of being in Israel for their 60th anniversary as a nation. Defying all odds, and fulfilling the inspired predictions of the prophets of the Bible; the Jewish people returned to their homeland and established themselves as a nation on May 14,1948. It is modern day miracle, and a bonafide “sign of the times.”

Tomorrow we begin our tour in Joppa; here Jonah caught a ship in his attempt to run from God. We’ll also visit Caesarea where the apostles preached.

We have 315 people with us, half of them from our church, the other half from our radio audience. So, remember us all in prayer please!

On the Lost Boy front:

I had a call from Dr. James Dobson right before I left asking if Focus on the Family could run a two-part program featuring my testimony. This is the one I recently gave at Harvest. Of course, I said yes! Dr. Dobson said he loved it and wanted as many people as possible to read this new book, Lost Boy. That was very encouraging!

Dr. Dobson (he insisted I call him Jim) is such a dear man. Having spent time with him here and there over the years I can tell you that he is every bit as warm and kind in person as you hear on the radio. Just like the doctor you wished you had! The two Lost Boy programs on Focus on the Family will air sometime in June. I will let you know more when I find out.

So, I will be blogging a bit from Israel. I will also post some photos.

Talk to you soon,

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