The Man Who Knows His worth...

(Photo: Unsplash)

Specifically, the kingdom man who knows his worth has some special qualities. He is a different type than the average. When a man knows his worth, he:

• Understands that society’s idea of a man’s worth is skewed. He understands that having integrity is what is important. Character makes the man.

• Won’t have so much to prove.

• Has real confidence; he is not cocky.

• Is not insecure; at least not in an excessive way.

• Will not objectify women. The objectification of another person creates an illusion of superiority for the objectifier, who is typically insecure.

• Is without an over-inflated, fragile ego.

• Doesn’t get his accolades from being a womanizer or pervert.

• Lacks the need to put women and others down. He will enjoy uplifting and encouraging others.

A man who knows his worth is able to treat a woman and others well, because he is secure. Insecure people can be very cruel.

• The man who knows his worth does not hate women.

• Is not controlling.

• Has integrity and will not cheat.

• Appreciates and desires commitment.

• Can understand that he does not withdraw value from a woman through having sex with her. He knows his own value, independent of sex.

• Is not obsessed with trying to “take” a woman’s sexual power or sexually “conquer” her.

• Has a mentality about sex that is healthy and different than the so-called norm.

• Desires and is capable of true intimacy, instead of preferring mechanical mating rituals with various women.

• Shows that his view of sex is not “sexual conquest.”

• Indeed is capable of loving a woman and falling in love with her.

• Won’t be fixated on simply “getting some,” but will be able to enjoy the entire experience of being intimately involved with his wife for mutual pleasure and bonding.

The man who knows his worth will have integrity. He values himself and he values his woman. He doesn’t have to cover up insecurities by bragging and sleeping around.

Contrarily, men who don’t know their worth are not likely to value women. When men feel bad about themselves, they often treat women very poorly. Many men are not healed from past trauma. In addition, some simply weren’t raised right. The main thing is, it is their choice to behave in such a way.

They commonly waste a lot of time pursuing counterfeit fixes such as promiscuous sex and material possessions. However, I do sympathize with the fact that these boys / men are very misguided and broken.

Unfortunately, they are often unwilling to do the work it takes to get healed and live right. Too often, they are able to find any women they want, who are willing to be involved with them, no matter what.

I talk a lot about many women not knowing their worth, but it is evident to me that plenty men do not know their worth either. Some tend to spend their time bragging about and practicing lawlessness as a substitute for feeling true validation and worthiness.

For single ladies, it is well worth the while to wait for a man of integrity who knows his worth. He is a God- fearing man. The man who knows his worth respects himself and others. He is able to love, cherish, and be faithful to one woman.

You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.”

Psalms 139: 13-14. NLT.