Things I Don't Like, Revisited: Air Travel

In the past, I have blogged about things that bug me, including cell phone users, etc. Now for some more!

Allow me to vent a bit about air travel. It is such a hassle.

Here are some questions:

Why is the term “airline food” an oxymoron? And for that matter, “airport food?” It just seems like the food in airports and and planes is always bad! Can’t they put an In ‘N Out Burger or a Chipotle (killer Mexican take-out burritos) in one of these terminals?

And speaking of terminals, is that really the place you want to arrive in if you have a fear of flying?

Don’t even get me started on going through security.

“Please take your seat”

Now, when boarding the plane, why is it that I aways get seated behind that guy in coach class who feels he needs to recline for the entire flight? These seats are just way too close to fully recline in! I usually go just one little click back in my seat.

And speaking of seats, is it any comfort that my seat will be my “flotation device” in the “unlikely case of a water landing”? Now that makes me feel much better. If that’s not enough, check out the cool little whistle attached to the life vest! That ought to get help extra fast, eh?

Here’s another question:
They bleed us dry for these overpriced plane tickets, so why do they give out those little bags of peanuts like they were pure gold! C’mon, share the love, flight attendants! (P.S. Are there any flight attendants reading this? If so, I would love to hear from you)!

Then there is the wait for luggage. Have you ever lost a piece? As they say in NYC, “forgetaboutit!” Have fun trying to get it back again.

Well, let me close with a positive thought about flying. It’s gets you there a whole lot faster than driving and, statistically, it’s still safer.

But still, how ’bout some decent food and an extra bag of peanuts every now and then?

Thanks for letting me vent.

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