Top family-friendly Christian camps in the US

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Christian camps provide a holistic method of guiding families and children to God with their fun outdoor activities. Image: Melissa Askew|Unsplash

Christian Camps can be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Families will remember the time spent socializing with their other family members and relatives. It will also provide a time to reflect God’s Word with your loved ones while you are having fun.

Christian Camps in the US

Christian camps should give children a chance to learn about their faith and practice its ideals while participating in fun and exciting outdoor activities.

According to Share Faith Magazine, Christian camps provide a wonderful opportunity for children to build friendships. They also receive guidance from godly counselors, try new things, and be changed by God’s Word.

This article will show you the best family-friendly Christian camps in the U.S. with fun outdoor activities.

Kanakuk Kamps

One of the Christian camps in the US

Image: Kanakuk Kamps

Kanakuk Kamps seeks to prepare future leaders. Almost 450,000 campers from all over the nation and the world were welcomed.

They were given the tools they needed to positively affect their schools and communities as representatives of Jesus Christ by learning leadership skills and Biblical truths. 

According to their website, they also have The Kanakuk Institute, an eight-month graduate-level discipleship program that equips participants for a career in the ministry via an in-depth study of the Bible.

Recommendation: Kanakuk Kamp offers kids outdoor youth camping experiences that are exciting, safe, and professional and help them develop spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially. Kanakuk is a global leader in Christian summer camps.

Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp

One of the Christian camps in the US

Image: Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp|Facebook

Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp aspires to develop a space that is more than just a getaway location but a formative experience that helps the child become their best self.

The camp also navigates their complex world and personally feels God’s love and voice in their lives.

Recommendation: The camp engages children in developmentally appropriate activities during two-week sessions through simple bonding activities like face painting, dressing up, taking down “pirates” who stole their treasure, and more! 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

One of the Christian camps in the US

Image: Fellowship of Christian Athletes|Word & Way

Fellowship of Christian Athletes encourages coaches and athletes at the professional, collegiate, high school, junior high, and youth levels to use sports to share the power of Jesus Christ.

Involving, preparing, and empowering them to unite, inspire, and transform the world through the gospel is a key component of FCA’s mission.

Recommendation: The camp offers activities, huddles, and resources that speak to players’ lives in the context of competition to develop their athletic abilities and improve their faith.

It also helps coaches explore and advance in their spiritual journeys through Huddles, training, events, and resources.

Camp Olympia

One of the Christian camps in the US

Image: Camp Olympia

Camp Olympia is a private, residential summer camp in Texas that offers one-week, two-week, and three-week camp periods for children between the ages of 6 and 16. Furthermore, it holds numerous special occasions, retreats, and outdoor education centers.

According to its website, Camp Olympia has 40 adventure camp activities, including horseback riding, golf, and water skiing. Children can pick the pursuits that interest them for a personalized summer camp experience.

Recommendation: Camp Olympia provide a space where children can be themselves, receive positive role models from adults, develop their confidence and independence, learn new abilities, and understand the true meaning of friendship and community.

Camp Kulaqua

One of the Christian camps in the US

Image: Camp Kulaqua

  • 23400 NW 212 Avenue, High Springs, FL 32643
  • Contact Details: 386-454-4351 | 
  • Facebook  

Camp Kulaqua aims to provide a welcoming, high-quality camping and retreat center to the members of the Florida Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists, setting the stage for as many lives to be touched by the Holy Spirit as possible. 

Recommendation: Camp Kulaqua offers lodging, dining options, conference spaces, plus interesting extras like a natural spring, zoo, and water park right on the property. Family members are certain to feel rejuvenated and renewed when they leave the retreat center.

Camp Ozark

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Image: Camp Ozark

Camp Ozark believes that we must prioritize God first, people second, and ourselves third if we want to “win” in life. In the “game of life,” people come out on top.

According to its website, Camp Ozark has more than 150 activities in many fields. 

Kids will have a great blast at the renowned Team Competition, the unbeatable, unbelievable special events, and the upbeat and inspirational lifeline services. 

Recommendation: Camp Ozark also has activities available to campers ages 6 to 17 that include horseback riding, art projects, rides on the waterslides, and more.

Pine Cove

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Image: Pine Cove

Pine Cove wants participants to leave family camp, having grown closer to God and their families, to show that they care about making families the best they can be. And, of course, they had the funniest, most enjoyable trip you could imagine!

Recommendation: At Pine Cove, campers jump tall, dance foolish, adventure far, and discover everything there is to know about Jesus Christ during the loudest, funniest, and most memorable week of the Pine Cove summer. 

You will learn that Pine Cove is not your typical summer camp because of the amazing activities, thrilling theme nights, meaningful relationships, and outdoor excursions.

T Bar M Camps

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Image: T Bar M Camps

T Bar M Camps aim to showcase Jesus Christ, teach His ways, and represent Him through a fun, energizing, uplifting camp and retreat experience.

According to its website, T Bar M Camp has been about loving God and loving others. They believe that when individuals walk away from the chaos of everyday life for a camp or retreat, they fall more deeply in love with God. 

At this camp, you will experience His grace in new ways, rediscover your sense of divine purpose, and come back to your daily lives with a new understanding of how to love others.

Recommendation: T Bar M Camps offer families and children of all ages can attend summer camps. They also welcome businesses, school groups, and others to use their site throughout the year.

Camp Magruder

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Image: Camp Magruder

  • 17450 Old Pacific Highway, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136
  • Contact Details: 503-355-2310 | 
  • Facebook

Camp Magruder aims to regain the joy of living in a Christian community by leaving the world’s worries behind.

According to their website, they are committed to establishing excellent Christian hospitality and educational settings. 

Recommendation: For kids, young people, teens, families, grandparents, and those with special needs, there are camps and events tailored specifically to their requirements.

Sonlight Camp

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Image: Sonlight Camp

  • 1536 Sonlight Place, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
  • Contact Details: 970-264-4379 | 
  • Facebook | Instagram

Sonlight Camp makes an effort to embrace the variety and value of every person as a child of God. They put a strong emphasis on community and teamwork. With their activities and connections, they spread the gospel. 

Recommendation: Sonlight maintains the reputation of being a camp where campers return to summer after summer because of the special sense of friendship that can be found there. Sonlight’s basic beliefs include holistic child development, unstructured play in nature, and communal spiritual exploration.

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