Two New Bible Study Plans!

Two of my latest Bible study plans just went live on YouVersion!

The first one is a 7-day devotional for business executives called Refuel, Reframe, Recalibrate. This plan is a wonderful way to start your day with a kingdom mindset and a breath of fresh air from the Holy Spirit!

Here’s an excerpt:
Sometimes work feels like we’re walking on quicksand. We can’t get our footing, and with every step we only sink deeper. No matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to get on top of our workload or ahead of the crises. The antidote to this rat race mentality is to live in the secret place of intimacy with God. Daniel lived from intimacy. Daily, he would kneel in his upper room praying to Yahweh. God knew Him. God took care of him. God loved him. When the king made a law that promised death for anyone who prayed to any god or man besides the king, Daniel simply went up to his room to pray as usual. No fuss, no drama. He didn’t try to appeal to the king, get a petition signed or have a hissy fit on social media. He simply prayed. I think it’s fair to say that Daniel did not suffer from anxiety.

The second plan is a study based on the book of Daniel. It explores our relationship to power.

Here’s an excerpt from this one:
In Daniel 1, we discover Daniel starts at the bottom of the power ladder – as a conquered slave. Daniel is a captive of Babylon without the power to even decide his name. He finds himself a chosen trainee for service in the king’s court. This immediately presents a challenge for Daniel because he is a Jew – a servant of Yahweh – but he has to serve a king and a people who have no respect for or allegiance to his God. How will he navigate this dilemma? He doesn’t seem to have much power to influence this massive pagan system. Or does he?

You can access all of my plans including these two on the YouVersion app or here.

I hope they help you on your joyful journey of spiritual growth!

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