No Problem Too Big for God

Emily van Rijn

  Lessons from David and Goliath #5 (1 Samuel 17)

Goliath was enormous! He was a giant. No wonder no one wanted to fight him. It would have overwhelmed and frightened anybody. None of the Israelites were a match for him and definitely not David who wasn't even a soldier. But Goliath was nothing compared to God. For God, he was tiny! God created the highest mountains and the deepest sea. What was Goliath compared to them? 

Sometimes we have problems and challenges that overwhelm and frighten us. They are too big and too hard. We can't see any possible way we can change them or get through them. It can feel like there is no hope or no way. And humanly speaking, it might be true. But remember that our problems are nothing compared to God. To God our problems are tiny and it is easy for Him to change things. Even though our problems are so small for God, He understands how big they are to us. He wants to help us with our giant problems. There are so many verses in the Bible that tell us to bring all our needs and problems to Him. He will help us. Just as God is so much bigger than us, His solution may be different than what we have in mind. But we can trust that He knows what's best since He can see the big picture.

 Be like David and have confidence that God will help you to fight your giant problems! Make sure your trust is in Him.

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