Longing for something fresh

As you now know, I was participating in a writing challenge. One of the words I was given was “Fresh”. My mind jumped to so many things when I rolled that word around in my brain. I had just finished cooking a fresh pot of home-made vegetable soup. I love the smell.

But there are other smells I equally love – fresh flowers, fresh mown grass, the air after a longed for rain, the smell of fresh sheets, and the house after a thorough cleaning. And who doesn’t love the taste of fresh pie, cookies, and Israeli fruit straight from the open market.

These scents and flavors refresh my spirit. What a wonderful word that is – refresh.

A longing to be refreshed

Its February and already things seem like an overdone version of same old.

I think we are all longing to be refreshed in 2021. This past year was not what we expected and has brought out the worst and the best of us. But this coming year hasn’t started too well, has it? There is a fresh mutation of COVID-19 – but that is not refreshing, and as for the vaccination? All the controversy around it is not very comforting and there are risks whether you take it or you don’t. Seems like a no win situation. Oh yeah, and we mustn’t forget what is happening in our societies, the politics, and more. (By the way, if you didn’t know, Israel is headed for yet another election!)

We need something fresh and we are longing to be refreshed.

The refresher of hearts

And so, ultimately, as I think of the word “fresh,” I think of the One who gives me a fresh start, every minute of every day, the One who causes the sun to rise each morning, bringing with it new opportunities and new hope, the One who refreshes my soul, the One who makes His word ring afresh each day in my heart and draws me to Him.

Only Jesus can do all these things, and the wonderful thing is, He is the fresh bread of life who never goes stale. His mercies are new every morning! There is always something to thank Him for, if only His presence, with us in our sorrows, our sufferings, our wanderings, and our very real concerns regarding the coming year.

Let’s come to Him and find rest for our souls.

Suggestions for finding refreshment

  • Read your favorite Psalm
  • Go outside, take off your facemask when no one is around (if you wear one), stretch and take a breath of fresh air
  • Listen to some encouraging music…

And on that note (pun intended), perhaps you will enjoy some of the songs by the group Forever Be Sure. I discovered their music recently and haven’t stopped listening. Here is a sample of one of their songs. No matter how blue I’m feeling, their music gets my thoughts pointed back in the right direction and lifts my spirits. Its truly fresh music for my tired soul. Enjoy!

If you liked this song, you can access ALL their videos in one spot, here:

Taken from © Writing under the pen name, Dvora Elisheva.

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