Fear Not…

Emily van Rijn

 One hot summer's day I was cooling off at our local pool with my children. I had been given a blow up seat/ring for my youngest daughter, Lydia. The pool we were in was above her head, so either I had to hold her or she could go in this special seat. But whenever I tried to put her in the seat, she would panic and cling to me. She felt unsafe in the seat and she wanted to be in the safety of my arms. But she didn't realize that she was just as safe in the seat as she was in my arms. It was my presence that would keep her safe and I wasn't about to let her drown.

Sometimes I am like Lydia. I feel afraid of new and unknown things. I want to stay in my comfort zone because I feel the safest there. I have to remember that when I am in God's presence, I am safe. When I am walking with Him, I have no reason to fear. Because He is right there and He's not about to let me 'drown!' If He lets me get hurt, it's because He has a wise purpose in mind and He will help me through it. What matters is that I stay close to Him, because He is my safe place.

Is anything in your life making you feel fearful?  A change? A problem? Do you not want something to change? Remember that if you are walking with God, you have no reason to fear. He is more caring and watchful than the best mother. Any pain He allows is for your own good. Trust in Him and go where He leads you.

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