Time to put Step 3 of the IWork4Him Nation Covenant into Action!

The iWork4Him Nation Covenant is all about learning to activate our faith in our work. We do this by joining together as a community of believers who are committed to following these four tenets: 1) prayer, 2) care, 3) share, and 4) work.

Every step of the iWork4Him Nation Covenant is important, but today I want to talk to you about step three. Step three is the perfect tenet to execute during the summertime. Step three puts our money where our mouth is. It puts our faith into action outside of the office. Step three goes like this: “Look for ways to befriend your coworkers, employees, and bosses outside of work where you can develop a real relationship.” Step three is the place where you get to share your life, and in sharing your life, you are sharing God the giver of life.

Don’t miss this – there is so much power in presence. In Luke 7:34, Jesus said,

“The Son of Man has come eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Look, a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’”

The reality is that a regular part of Jesus’ ministry on earth was sharing a table with unbelievers, sharing His LIFE with unbelievers.

As you look at your summer schedule, have you left enough margin to share your life with those you work with? Or do you bet on clocking out at the end of the day? I want to challenge you to look for empty spots in your calendar to invite some people over from work for a barbecue at your home, apartment, or condo. If you’re single, invite several people over – you can always make it a potluck. Developing authentic relationships and inviting people into your home space allows you to set the tone for the evening. Perhaps even pray through your space before anyone gets there – inviting the giver of life to share the table with you and carry out the work of the Holy Spirit.

So many of those we work with are lost and hopeless. You can introduce them to Jesus and to Hope over a meal. When you bring people into your home, you get to pray over meals, which often prompts great conversations. You get to pray over your home, which houses the very presence of God. Martha and I want to challenge you. This summer, make it a summer where you put iWork4Him into action after work. For more ideas about putting the tenets of the iWork4Him Nation Covenant into action, check out our new books, iWork4HimsheWorks4Himand iRetire4Him. And if you haven’t already joined the iWork4Him Nation, please don’t wait! We have a seat saved for you; and if you’re anywhere near Fort Myers, we’d love to come over for dinner.



Used with permission from Jim Brangenberg.

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