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receive strength when you are broken

You need to receive strength when you are broken. Brokenness is a state of hopelessness, when you cannot go on. Till, someone lifts you up.

The world encourages us to be great achiever’s. Not everyone can be; Yet, so many children get trapped in this horrible scheme of the devil. Man’s heartless intelligence is only bringing more chaos and problems in this world. No matter how advanced we get now on, it’ll only be for greater control of the human population. The spirit of man is always in a state of competition and unrest.

God, on the other hand, wants to make us His very own. He desires the best for us. He is still open to those who choose Him. There is a way to get access and stay in His rest now and forever.

What is the way? Acknowledging our own state and being broken in the presence of God. David knew the power of brokenness. He kept himself in a constant state of humility (Psalms 31).

Receive strength when you are broken

God is always present, in our brokenness, much more. When we are broken because of whatever reason, we become desperate and alone. As a believer, we know we can turn to God. We can either be humble or stay proud. When we acknowledge God knows best we open ourselves to what He has to offer us. That is when our brokenness turns to a place of strength and victory.

  1. Being broken and contrite will keep us favoured, not rejected by God (Psalms 51:17)
  2. God is near and saves all those who are broken before Him (Psalms 34:18)
  3. God watches over those who tremble at His word (Isaiah 66:2)
  4. When our self is burnt to ashes, live with Godly sorrow and carry the burden of Christ, God blesses us out of Zion (Isaiah 61:3)
  5. God revives the humble (Isaiah 57:15)
  6. God brings healing to those who are broken before His presence (Psalms 147:3)

Let’s humble ourselves before our great and mighty God. He is perfect and holy. Maranatha, Praise God and Amen.

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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