Soaking Yourself

Emily van Rijn

 I heard a preacher say once that we should soak ourselves in God's Word. He was preaching on Psalm 1 about the blessed man. It says, "His delight is in the law of the LORD, and in his law doth he meditate day and night." 

You can compare meditating to soaking. Some similar words to soak are  immerse,   flood,  sink,  wet through,  waterlog,    drench, saturate,  swamp,  and drown. 
My favourite one is "marinate!"

Do these words picture you and your Bible?

Here are some practical ways you can soak yourself in God's Word.

1. Read the Bible.

2. Put verses where you can see them.

3. Sing Scripture songs, hymns or other Christian songs.

4. Journal.

When your read the Bible, you can write down verses that speak to you and any other thoughts or prayers.

5. Write down the Bible.

A tip I heard recently is to regularly write down Scripture. It helps you slow down and soak it in more. So I have a journal and also an extra notebook just for writing down passages or verses.

6. Be more intentional with your thoughts.

When you are doing things, think about Bible verses, stories or even sermons you heard recently.

7. Listen to the Bible, sermons, or Christian music.

8. Pray Scripture.

When you read the Bible, turn the verses around into prayers where appropriate. That helps you to personalize it.

9. Memorize verses.

10. Thank God for your blessings.

It will make you more thankful and aware of God and His blessings which in turn will help you meditate more.

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