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Now, what does it really mean to seek God?

When people tell or advise you to seek God, do you ever wonder what does it really mean to seek God? Does it mean to go to church? Does it mean to read the Bible? Does it mean to worship? Am I really seeking God? The many questions that go through our head just by someone telling us that in order to live a fruitful, abundant life you have to seek God. So what does it mean? What does it consist of?

The online dictionary defines seek as to try to find or discover by searching or questioning. So your questions are actually a part in seeking God. You are in the perfect position to receive at least some type of clarity…

But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and with all your soul.

Deuteronomy 4:29

Seeking God is for the “highly spiritual”

Now you might think that seeking God is reserved for pastors, teachers, prophets, etc. or that we need to be mature Christians in order to know how to seek God. However, we are always seeking God, we just don’t realize that we are doing this. Think about this, when we or someone close to us goes through distress, troubles, sickness, etc., what is it that we do? If you’re like me, we tend to turn our face towards God to ask for help, mercy, and/or healing. We pray more or have people pray over us, and we even attempt to read the Bible to help us find some type of relief. We look up to the heavens for hope.

Why is my seeking leading to nothing?

Now, some may say ok if I’m seeking God, why is my seeking leading to nothing? Why when I look to God for relief, He doesn’t answer? The thing is God always answers. The thing that becomes difficult for us to understand is how He answers. We’re looking for outward miracles without internal healings. We ask God to end sicknesses, to change a certain person. We also ask God to give us better jobs, or for a house or a car, etc.

God Wants to Heal Your Heart

However, while God can and does do grand miracles, most of the time He just wants to heal our hearts first. He wants us to let go of the many negative emotions that keeps us bound. The negative mentalities that we hold on to. God wants us to let go of the feeling that we don’t deserve any good to happen to us. All that He wants is to pour out His goodness over our lives. We just have to let go of the negative thoughts that have a hold on us.

My encouragement to you..

I want to encourage you that seeking God does lead to answers. That during this time, you seek to mend broken relationships, grow stronger in your current relationships, take care of your mind, soul and body. Take this time, that while this season may be uncertain, to invest in your relationship with God which ultimately will affect your mental and physical self for the better.

No question is too trivial or too small for God. God is always willing to open your eyes to the answer. We tend to walk with blinders on a lot of our lives and all He does is remove them little by little. Do not think things happen by coincidence. Everything that happens to us is for a reason, ask God to reveal why and wait expectantly.

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Love you all.

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Used with permission from Giselle Manaiza.

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