Manage Your Weight the Easy Way

Manage Your Weight the Easy Way

This past year has been challenging with my mother’s death and my illness, which makes weight management difficult. It’s a fallacy to think fitness pros never have problems keeping their weight under control and maintaining a muscular physique. Still, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s especially true for those with chronic fatigue and pain conditions. My mainstays to take care of my health and stave off extra pounds have been walking, introductory TRX moves, and eating low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods.  Even though I’ve been down a lot more, this strategy has been a godsend.

A great help I love is cycling because it burns 250-350 calories in half an hour; however, my husband and I haven’t been able to ride much this summer. The road in front of our home has been under construction, which causes cycling near our home to be dangerous. As soon as they are finished, I plan to ride. Recently, I bought a pair of sun-safe compression leggings from UV Skinz to reduce fatigue and pain in my legs. I will wear them under my cycling shorts to keep my tush cushy. Also, I wear sun-safe, moisture-wicking long-sleeved shirts, a hat, and sunglasses. I’ve really missed one of my favorite past times.

Weight loss and health management don’t have to be complicated. Simple is best.

For beginners and those with activity-limiting health conditions, make sure your doctor gives you the “All Clear” signal for exercise, including any limitations, cautions, and modifications. The last thing you want to happen is to injure yourself or make yourself sick. So when you begin, have the right gear and get going at a comfortable pace, and do pay attention to any signals from your body that indicate a problem.

Another factor to consider with easier exercise is your diet, that is, your eating plan. The Keto diet may not be conducive for cardio, although proponents say it is. Here’s why: Fats metabolize slower, which makes your body a bit sluggish. Also, many Keto dieters lean heavily on saturated fats because they like the foods that contain them. It’s almost an excuse to keep their favorite comfort foods, like cheesecake or well-marbled steak. These can increase your risk of high cholesterol. You need to complete the Krebs cycle to for weight loss kick in, meaning you need carbs. A low-carb diet with polycarbohydrates, like whole grains, beans, and vegetable-based carbs that have to be broken down. Corn and white potatoes have simple carbs, which can cause spikes in blood sugar, so check out this low-carb chart. Personally, I’m a big proponent of the Mediterranian Diet (recipes). Your fuel is vital in your successful weight loss and participation in low to moderate cardiovascular exercise.

Next, find an outdoor space that is safe and conducive to outdoor workouts. One of my favorite places is an outdoor walking track around our local school—also, great spaces like parks and hiking and biking trails. Map out your workout based on the area you choose. Will you be able to do your entire exercise time there? If you are doing a circuit, will there be park benches or strength exercise equipment available? Or will you use bodyweight on the ground and not get run over by other fitness enthusiasts? Check your weather as well and the time of day with the UV Index. I have a free smartphone app for the UV Index that I use to avoid overexposure to the sun. Sun-sensitive? Check out my blog post about managing sun exposure. An excellent exercise environment creates a winning exercise session!

So, if you are ready to go, but have chronic pain, ask your doctor about your pain medication timing with exercise. The Arthritis Foundation guidelines suggest taking pain meds an hour before your workout for the best effect. The caution here is not to accidentally over-medicate. I’ve linked this blog post to a Prayer Fitness Walking Circuit Chart I created for you. Use the passcode BFit4Life for access. So, grab your Christian Workout Tunes and go!

I’d love feedback on this post and the Prayer Fitness Walking chart, simply comment below. We can also share feedback on Facebook with Be Totally Fit for Life! friends. Many blessings to you!

Used with permission from Charlaine Martin.

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