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god's dream for your life

“I have a dream.” N o o n e c a r e s.

When God gives you a dream, it’s the only thing that matters. When we fall in line with the dream God has for us then we will enter into life eternal. Along the way, be a blessing for those around us as well.

There is a price we pay to meet the standards of those visions and dreams God gives us. It’s impossible to fulfil God’s dreams with our own ability.

Man dreams up his own imaginations and feelings. He then uses all his strength to fulfil them. Yet, is left empty. Self-motivation techniques, depending on mentors, following celebs and inspirational gurus, etc. all have a limited shelf life.

Live out God’s dream for your life

Joseph’s dream saw him go through 20 years of suffering in Egypt. It was all worth it at the end. God used him to save his family and Israel during the famine.

Daniel suffered the ego of powerful kings to emerge victorious with God’s help. God saved lives of his colleagues in the process. History teaches us, he was taken captive and brought into Nebuchadnezzar’s palace. He too would have thought of building a life for himself considering he was good at science. No matter what Daniel kept his commitment to God, which saw him excel in every way.

Paul suffered with a sickness in his body which he prayed for thrice but wouldn’t leave him. Why? Because of his abundant revelation and gifts. God is still using Paul’s writing to save souls. Did Paul have a different career before Christ? Indeed yes! He greatly flourished at killing believers – he thought he was doing God’s will. he had power and opportunity, and could have done whatever with his life.

What are you dreaming up dear believer? Let God fill your dreams. Let’s cast every thought and imagination at the feet of Jesus. Live out God’s dream for your life.

The price we pay is worth every second because of the glory we enter into at the end. Look at Jesus who is the only Saviour of mankind. Be like Him. Maranatha, Praise God and Amen.

Used with permission from Nehemiah Zion.

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