Wings as Eagles

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 I was reading my children a devotional story (Keys for Kids) at breakfast time. It was about having wings as eagles.

“The eagle is a unique bird… When there’s a storm, other birds try to avoid it, but the eagle flies straight into it and uses the storm’s own winds to lift him above the clouds.”

“With God’s strength, you can be like an eagle and fly straight into the storms of life, instead of running away from them. Then you can use those hurts or troubles…to grow as a Christian.”

These words struck me. I don’t know about you, but it is in my nature to run from anything hard or uncomfortable. There are MANY times I would have escaped my problems/challenges if it had of been possible. I thank God that I couldn’t! Because those problems forced me to depend on God and His strength. As a result, I was able to rise above and fly like an eagle.

What about you? Do you run from anything that is outside your comfort zone or difficult? 

You can run from those things or you can let those difficult things push you up to God. You can learn to fly!

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