Tie a Knot and Hold On

An old quote, “When you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on”, attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, wrapped me in Resilience this month. The unpredictability of last month quickly unfolding into all out adversity this month.

Staring out the window, watching a torrential downpour batter a fledgling red maple tree, I marvelled as the tiny leaves clung in desperation to thin branches as high winds bent its slender frame nearly in half.

My eyes riveted to the helpless tree, in a moment, my heart felt the same desperation; as if like the tree, all my strength strained against the force of adversity. The warm tear trailing down my cheek testified to a kinship of Resilience.

When adversity roars, and overwhelm pushes you to the end of your faith; tie a knot and hold on.

Nearly five months into our journey, resilience lessons though few, speak deeply into my life. I created a special page on my blog where all my Resilience posts live, please take the time to read past posts for more insight into my madness.

hold on though your foot slips

Suffering, trials, and even every day challenges put us in touch with the reality of our own weaknesses, and at times our self-sufficiency. Like my almost three year old granddaughter, Grace, we want to do everything ourselves.

Bringing us up short, adversity in its many forms rebukes self-sufficiency, while revealing weaknesses may just prove our greatest strengths.

Resilience whispered deep that rainy afternoon, bidding me hold tight to my faith; the only life source capable of sustaining me in the face of any adversity. Feeling as though my spiritual feet were slipping beneath me, Resilience promised faith holds on.

But as for me, my feet had almost slipped; I had nearly lost my foothold.

Psalm 73:2

woman's feet in white shoes walking on rocks

resilience ties a knot in faith

Sometimes life comes at you in relentless waves of harsh reality. Knocking you down each time you stand up, your footing becomes unstable. Ultimately, you question any possibility of remaining steady, much less moving forward.

In the onslaught of adversity, resilience ties a knot in your faith by enabling you to cling to Christ, girding you with the promises of His Word.

Though rudimentary in growth, the tiny leaves of the red maple clung fast to the branches of the tree. Apart from the tree, they had no hope of withstanding the storm nor life beyond it. In the same way, I am rooted and built up in Christ; and clinging to Him, my feet will not slip.

Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.

Colossians 2:6-7

Resilience breathed strength into the sinews of my spiritual legs, as it taught me the importance of holding fast to my faith even when it appears fragile. (Hebrews 10:23)

resilience takes hold of christ

Adversity, like unwanted noise, distracts your focus from what is most important. Whether unexpected bad news or another financial burden, you vehemently cling to that which you may lose; in a vain attempt at control.

Yet Resilience bids you, “take hold of Christ, for He has taken hold of you.” (Philippians 3:12) How do you take hold of Christ in suffering and adversity?

  • Let Go. You cannot hold both God and the problem; surrender the situation completely to God. Relinquish control, to God. Release desired outcomes into God’s sovereign hands.
  • Lean in. Press into Christ and all He has for you in the suffering or adversity. Pray for God’s strength to keep you in His way.
two hands reaching for one another

Resilience ties a knot in your faith by first empowering you to take hold of Christ.

resilience keeps hold of christ

When faced with suffering and adversity, taking hold of Christ stops a downward spiral of despair. Keeping a hold on Christ infuses hope into extended suffering, because you have a constant reminder of His faithfulness. (1 Thessalonians 5:23-24)

Resilience keeps you holding on to Christ as you:

  • Trust. Believing Christ’s promise of His Presence with you always keeps you secure in His love. Choose the truth of His Word over the lies of the evil one and noise of your suffering.
  • Rest. Cease from striving; relax into the truth of Christ’s promises. Spend quiet time with Him, reminding yourself of His goodness in all His ways with you.

Resilience ties a knot in your faith by first empowering you to take hold of Christ, and once you take hold, resilience positions you for keeping a hold on Christ.

resilience never lets go of christ

As you keep holding onto Christ, you learn trusting and resting in Him increases your faith by infusing hope into your situation. As hope increases, during seasons of extended suffering and trial, you move closer to God. Determining to never let go of Christ. (Hebrews 6:19-20)

Resilience postures you for never letting go of Christ when you:

  • Love. As you cling to Christ, you know Him more deeply, leading to loving Him more passionately. The beauty here becomes clinging = more love, more love=more clinging.
  • Praise. Worship Christ in the dark, the hard, and the pain. Declare your love, trust, and faithfulness to Him.

Resilience ties a knot in your faith by first empowering you to take hold of Christ, and once you take hold, resilience positions you for keeping a hold on Christ. As you keep a hold on Christ, resilience binds you to Christ in an intimacy so precious, you never let go of Christ.

purple butterfly on yellow flowers

tie a knot and hold on through resilience

As the sun shines bright, filtering through the leaves of the tiny red maple; now days after the storm, they dance with delight in the soft breeze. No longer battered and pressed beyond measure, they boldly testify to the power of resilience.

Though not completely through my own recent storm, the lessons whispered deep by Resilience echo through my soul still.

Though my bold friend chose to whisper into my life this month, I marvel at the audacious advice. Taking hold of Christ, I bravely let go of the problem, my notion of control, and releasing fear, I surrendered desired outcomes, while leaning into Christ’s strength.

Which gently led me to a place of trusting God’s promises, love for me, and truth above all the noise of my storm; learning to rest in His good and faithful ways, as I kept a hold of Christ.

Ultimately, drawing me into deeper knowledge of, and love for my beautiful Savior, clinging ever tighter in worshipful praise. Tying a knot in my faith, Resilience tethered me to Christ in a three-fold cord, where His embrace held me in the peace of His Presence.

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